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Totally Naked Elsie Hewitt Eye-Fucking the Camera

Nude Elsie Hewitt picture – treats! (Issue 12 (2017)). Photography by Steve Shaw. The brown-haired babe shows her ginormous titties and looks extremely sexy in general. Gotta love this photo here.

Elsie Hewitt’s Titties and a Croissant of the Day

When Elise Hewitt isn’t dating Ryan Philippe after seducing him with her tits in his instagram DMs, because he’s an old man and doesn’t really know how the internet works….putting him in a vulnerable position with these opportunist sluts, that end up making him crack under the pressure from their crazy, because they think they are as important as him thanks to their tits, so dude who is used to just having random chicks throw themselves at him…is now dealing with entitled girls who think they are more important than him….only to press charges against him and get the support of everyone because #metoo…instead of people saying “Maybe she’s a fucking whore”….and as a whore…deserves it….but in this era you can’t wish bad things on whores…empower sex workers…but what if they are fucking cunts?

Anyway, she’s eating Croissants in her bra for attention, or as high concept content, all to distract from her average looking face…because big tits always distract from average looking faces.

Remember this shit has been photoshopped, filtered and all that other good stuff. Social media is LIEs!

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