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Em RatCow Male Pattern Baldness of the Day

Em RatCow Male Pattern Baldness

Look at that Hairline!

I know that there are a handful of people out there who think that Em Rata is hot. It’s not your fault, you see a skinny bitch with no ass and a set of fat tits, and you just can’t further analyze. It’s like you’ve been given enough information for your needs, why look past it.

From the first time I saw Rat Cow trying to make it in America through a series of nude shoots, I knew her hype was artificial.

I didn’t know she would end up in a music video that took her viral and made her a highly followed personality with no personality on social media, but it did. Reward a bitch for having a set of good sized tits, despite looking like a fucking troll.

She’s been able to maintain the lie, go to important events, like Fashion Week events like a Jet Setter all because of her showing her tits at the right pre-instagram time.

She’s been able to make millions, fuck important people like Kanye, Ben Affleck, David Fincher, amongst others in her last 7 years of whoring.

She still think she’s famous, or a personality…despite the one thing she should discover in this dark COVID times, is how insignificant she is.

She literally offers no substance, no humor, not insight, no fashion inspo, no fitness inspo…if anything she’s just a waste of space cunt who has tits we like to look at.

ANYWAY, as it turns out, the paparazzi got some pics of her that show you what you’re really dealing with, as her instagram pics are all edited to shit….and what it reveals is what I’ve always been saying…bitch is fucking ugly.

Remove the fake hair and she’s got male pattern baldness like that of a pervert elementary school principle.

Put her in sweat pants and show the world there is not ass….

Remove make-up, even though she’s likely in make-up, and her beady eyes look like they are out to steal your soul….

Without the tits, this bitch is a zero…

The only hope we can have in these dark times is that a reset happens and people stop buying into the nonsense these idiots, who are not COMPELLING in the least are selling.

An average girl, playing a hot girl on the internet, cuz she’s got good tits, get the fuck out of her, there are real people worth celebrating in the world, not this fucking vapid bullshit…

Remember, this is her with a ton of work done not looking anything like her IG pics….except maybe for what could be a big and long vagina being felt up by her sweat pants….

Useless whores….be EVERYWHERE…

Oh and she’s a shitty dog mom who lets her dog run free….because she’s probably too busy looking at herself in the selfie cam to find new angles, you know the essential work that matters when you’re a vapid whore of instagram with nothing to offer…

Em RatCow Male Pattern Baldness

Em RatCow Male Pattern Baldness
Em RatCow Male Pattern Baldness
Em RatCow Male Pattern Baldness
Em RatCow Male Pattern Baldness

Here she is topless for some new shit she’s promoting
emily ratajkowski nude topless

emily ratajkowski nude topless
emily ratajkowski nude topless
emily ratajkowski nude topless



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