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Emily Osment Getting Wet of The Day

Emily Osment Bikini Wet

I have been saying that Emily Osment is Haley Joel Osment pot-sex change, because his parents threw him into the whole child acting thing when he was a cute little kid and he went onto do major things before hitting puberty like being cast in every movie that require a boy, but they gave him a potential girl name, prepping for when he was no longer going to be cute. Which happened.

I don’t trust the whole child star thing, I find it pretty disturbing that a parent puts their kid into acting, and unless they are actors in the first place and their kids are already on set, it makes no sense on so many levels to cart around the kid to auditions, oftentimes with perverts all to live the family dream…not to mention, even actors who have kids can’t be trusted to keep their kid’s best interest at heart. It’s just no place of a kid.

Anyway the theory is that he hit puberty, no one wanted him, his parents gave him estrogen, he became this, and it was before trannies were trending….and 12 year olds were choosing their gender…and parents encouraged it….to show how woke they are….

But I guess this could also be his sister, my story is just a better version.


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