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Emma Roberts Booty Gets Coffee of the Day

Emma Roberts and I have a lot in common. She’s an avid reader who promotes reading to all her fans through some book club thing that I am not a part of….and I am also about reading pictures…of her ass in tight jeans…but I guess you don’t read pictures, you just sort of look at them intensely, but you use your eyes and they are on a screen or printed depending on what technology you are into…so as far as I’m concerned we have a lot in common…..

What I am trying to say is that I find Emma Roberts to be a hot celebrity, one that doesn’t offend me, and I am into her tight jeans because if you’re going to wear jeans they might as well be tight.


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Emma Roberts Tropical Mask and Leggings of the Day

Emma Roberts Tropical Mask

Emma Roberts is rocking a mask, which by the fucking way is the dumbest thing you idiots are protesting, like who fucking cares if you wear a mask in a fucking store, it gets you off the CCTV, you can even drive with a mask through red light cameras and deny it is you….get it the fuck together….

The government doesn’t want you in masks because they can’t watch you.

Today I saw they are pushing the plastic shield as a mask alternative, why, because they are see through and you can see a motherfucker’s entire face…they are all for that, but masks…no thanks…

So now it’s a lib vs republican stance on freedom, when you should want to be allowed to wear a fucking mask…it’s gangster…even when it is tropics….Looks a lot like …similar to the ones Emma Roberts is in because she knows whats up when it comes to Tropical Mask wearing, she also knows what’s up when it comes to having a terrible dad…So Get your EMMA ROBERTS MASK HERE!!

Emma Roberts Tropical Mask

Mahalo Masks Protect Paradise


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Emma Roberts Fried Chicken Bikini of the Day

Emma Roberts Fried Chicken Bikini

Emma Roberts is out there eating friend chicken, risking all the backlash from the uptight entitled social justice warrior vegans to shit on her, in what is hilariously considered and edgy post in a “you eat meat” being enough to set off a whole generation of fucking idiots….

But then there’s the whole TV show or Youtube channels based on celebs eating Chicken wings, so maybe the whole Hip Hop, Streetwear industry of faggots are down with chicken…who fucking cares…

I find Emma Roberts hot so seeing her in a bathing suit doing anything with her mouth works for me…I am all about the celebrity kids, especially when the celebs are barely celebs and barely their dads…making a perfect storm of weird…until Julia Roberts steps in and pulls through for the family, setting her for life…

Now I know you’d rather see her eat her chicken with her vagina dentata but that’s not happening here, it’s a take what you get situation.


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Emma Roberts Nude Tit Slip

Emma Roberts nude

As you can see in the photo above, for the 2nd time this year Emma Roberts has “accidentally” slipped out her nude tit. Of course just because this pic comes from a single frame in a black and white video and it had to be colorized and enhanced, doesn’t mean that Emma gets a pass for this whorish behavior…

Emma Roberts nude

For Emma should have learned her lesson the first time and put on the holy burka, after she was caught flashing her bare breast in the screen grab above from a behind-the-scenes video.

Emma Roberts naked

Besides when it comes to Emma’s erect tit toppers it is hard to believe that there are any accidents, especially since she has been known to enjoy using her nipples for both attention (see above) and sinful female sexual pleasure (see below).

Of course if this were a virile Muslim man tweaking Emma’s milk valve he’d give her a “purple nurple” the likes of which she would never forget (and follow it up with a “wet willy” just for good measure).

Emma Roberts Dirty Talk Scene Begging For Dick

Emma Roberts lingerie

Emma Roberts offers to give a blowjob and begs for a “good dicking” while talking dirty in the video below.

Of course it comes as no surprise to see Emma Roberts so desperate for the dick like this, for like all Western women she is in a constant state of sexual frustration due to the fact that infidel men are all flaming homofags with tiny crocked limp penises. Add to that the fact that kuffar women have blasphemously intact and thus overactive clitorises, and it is no wonder that Emma is such a cock hungry little slut.

Emma Roberts facial

Unfortunately for Emma she fails to realize that the fire burning in her lecherous lady bits will not be quenched until she converts to Islam and wears the burka. For only the massive meat scud of a Muslim man can satiate her ravenous sex holes. Unless Emma figures this out she will continue to be sexually frustrated by the piddly watery loads being dribbled onto her whorish horse face.