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Emma Stone Shaking Her Pussy Print of the Day

emma stone workout pussy print

Oh the influencers are fucked….because celebs are bored as shit at home and need to make money to afford their expensive lives now that movie productions are on hiatus, allowing them to reduce their premium “celeb” status to that of a bootleg celebrity, making the bootleg celebs scramble because obviously the ad dollars are going to go to the celebs, which is why the bootleg celebs of social media are selling nudes…

The fact is…social media content is a joke, really easy to produce…a dance or a booty shake…that’s it…anyone can do it…even this trashy Stone…

I actually despise her and her face and her mouth….I feel her success is totally unfounded, she should never have become the “star” she is, but nerds have power and nerds fucking love her….

It is just nice that she’s reducing herself to this level like all the celebs at the request of their agents who still trying to get paid….because I hate bratty entitled influencers more than actors who have had huge careers…so keep on POACHING those views!!

emma stone workout pussy print


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Top 7 Celebrity Nude Debuts of 2019

celebrity nudes 2019

Another year of salacious celebrity sluttery is in the books, and to celebrate we have compiled and color-corrected the top 7 celebrity nude debuts of 2019.

As you can see from this video, it was a banner year for blasphemously brazen breast baring, as big stars like Emma Stone and Kate Mara brought out their boob bags for all to see.

And while itty bitty titties from Erin Moriarty and Kelli Berglund made the list, Sydney Sweeney and Aimee Lou Wood’s massive mammaries made the biggest impressions upon our pious Muslim meat scuds earning them top billing on our Sharia stoning watch list for the coming year.

Emma Stone Filmed Having Sex In A Hotel Room

Academy Award winning actress Emma Stone appears to have been filmed having sex in a seedy hotel room in the video above.

Emma Stone sexy

If we know anything about Emma Stone it is that she finds the particle board wood furniture and crappy art of moderately priced hotel rooms to be quite erotic (and that she enjoys muttering Russian during sex)… That is why it comes as no surprise to see her getting her cock box blasted in this sex tape.

With Emma’s fetish for discount accommodations, one can not help but wonder if she is missing out on a golden opportunity to do some lucrative work in commercials. For surely an advertisement featuring a content and confident traveling businessman strolling through a lobby as Emma emerges from a room wiping cum from the corners of her mouth would do extremely well promoting Ramada, Radisson, or even Holiday Inn Express.

A.I. Enhanced Celebrity Nudes Vol. 2

Olivia Munn Erin Moriarty nude

In the latest volume of our award winning series, we once again use our proprietary Advanced Islamic (A.I.) Imaging software to enhance by brightening, color-correcting, and upscaling the celebrity nudes below (Vol. 1 can be viewed here)

Emily Browning – “Summer in February”

Emily Browning nude

Emma Stone – “The Favourite”

Emma Stone nude

Kate Mara And Ellen Page – “My Days of Mercy”

Kate Mara nude

Laura Wiggins – “Shameless”

Laura Wiggins nude

Martha Higareda – “Altered Carbon”

Martha Higareda nude

Olivia Wilde – “Vinyl”

Olivia Wilde nude

Olivia Wilde nude

Tatiana Maslany – “Two Lovers and a Bear”

Tatiana Maslany nude

As always any suggestions for our next set of celebrity nudes can be made in the comments below.

Emma Stone’s Hard Nipples And Shocking Weight Gain

Emma Stone nipple pokies

It is hard to believe that just a year ago Academy Award winning actress Emma Stone was the skinny slut showing off her rock hard nipple pokies in the photos above, and today she is the morbidly obese monstrosity in the video below.

Emma’s shocking weight gain all started when she was called into her agent Marty Bagelstein’s office and told that focus groups found her to be too slim, and that heathen Hollywood’s aesthetics had shifted to strongly favor a “fuller body shape”.

Emma Stone nude sex

Being the overachieving workaholic that she is, Emma left that meeting and immediately set about packing on the pounds the best way she knew how… By sucking dick at gang bangs (as you can see in the photo above). Since that time Emma Stone has downed more semen than a German U-boat in WWI… And thanks to the high caloric properties of your average fast food obsessed American’s ejaculate, she has had no problem putting on tons (literally) of weight.