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Traffic Tit Thursday of the Day

I just wrote a manifesto proclaiming that I will not give into the alliteration nazis creating trending hashtags based on the days of the week, like Titty Thursday, Thong Thursday, THOT Thursday, THIRSTY THURSDAYS….but then I found TRAFFIC TIT and figured…fuck it, throw in the towel, Showering Thursday was fun and all, it was defiant, it was rebelious, it was wild and crazy….but it was scary out there as a lone wolf on the internet….let me back into your alliteration club…and I’ll do it with TRAFFIC TITS…..

I do like that this generation is a bunch of exhibitionist sluts that love to get naked on the internet becuase porn is normalized, being a self involved selfie taker is what is expected of you, and nudity gets more attention than clothing….I am a fan…it is just funny to cross reference how a lot of these seemingly down to earth, willing to get naked, selling their panties and nudes online like a bunch of whores play the whole woke card….it’s like bitch, you sell fucking nudes online and therefore your opinion of anything is irrelevant….

If you want the easy meal ticket, you gotta get the same hate women who have chosen sex work has always got….just because it’s popular doesn’t mean we can’t treat you like sex worker you brag about being…oh and I still call sex workers whores…does that make me cancelled?

Not that any of these tits are even good, but they happened…and that’s what counts!

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Showering Thursday of the Day

I figure if you’re going to do a feature of girls being slutty on the internet for a Thursday, why not choose something that doesn’t start with a “T”.

Titty Thursday, Thong Thursday, THOT Thursday, THIRSTY THURSDAYS, all alliterations to jerk off to, literally….but also all so cliche….you can find it anywhere as the mainstream adapt it with their sheep mindset.

When being pure, different and UNIQUE…you gotta go deeper into nonsense so for Thursdays post I’d like to turn into a hashtag, I’ve decided to go with Showering Girls Thursday….I know what you are thinking…why not do Shower Sundays, Shower Saturdays, even WASHING WEDNESDAY…..because I am crazy that’s why….I am an internet risk taker…and I won’t fold to your ALLITERATION ideals….

I WILL NOT CONFORM….this is the REVOLT….This is my MANIFESTO…these are bitches in the shower…

Some videos:

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Girls at Work Gone Naked of the Day

Since I hate everyone who has a job because they are usually mainstream middle of the road fucks, I am more into people with trust funds, or people who are homeless…the middle of the road is just dog shit….

I figured I’d put up a post of girls getting paid to be sluts, but really getting paid to do other menial tasks that they can take some time away from, since workers these days are just on social media all day…..

I remember when I had a job, it was 20 years ago and I didn’t even own a cellphone, there was internet and if you got caught browsing anything you’d get fired…even if it was just checking your personal HOTMAIL (shout out covid GATES)…so now people are producing porn on the job for the internet and it’s all good since you can’t sexually harrass your employees or ask for nudes, but you can jerk off to their nudes they post online…nice compromise…

If I did work at an office, I’d be saying “It’s Friday” or other bullshit like “TGIF”…or “Happy Friday”…because if you’re going to sell your soul and work, you might as well be the worst cunt when doing it…

Here are those NUDES from work…these are not all disgusting nurses for a change…it’s the weekend motherfuckers….fuck work….embodied…

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Nurses Gone Naked of the Day

I think the weirdest thing in these nurses, who you are all celebrating as heroes and discounting people who get paid more than they do for not being as important as they are, while we’re all slacking waiting for our COVID vacations to be over, is that some of these nurses who are hustling only fans on the side to make extra money, like perverts, either to please the fans or to please themselves from the attention they get, as a stress relief or a a distraction or to get off….and all I gotta say is “GET OUT OF THOSE DAMN SCRUBS THEY ARE FULL OF VIRUS”…not “let me fist myself with my COVID hand”…

It’s weird and as the Hall Monitor I am…I gotta say, get your clothes back on, just because you wear pyjamas all day doesn’t mean you should be doing this….you have a career, be professional….I love sluts as much as the next guy, but it’s context man, people are dying…they are paid by the government, your tax dollars, to do this…get the fuck out of here.

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Another Russian Model of the Day

I was in the hot Russian girl of instagram vortex because Russian babes of instagram seem like the Russian Doping scandals of every Olympics where Russia has won….

The babes of Russia are looking at the American instagram girls being like “you think that’s a babe, this is a babe” and they are just better at it.

They all go hard, go big, go naked. I guess it is the soft sell mail order bride or sex worker, I call it doing the Irina Shayk…where we can’t quite place what is being done here, we just know it’s being done….are they going to ask for money, are they going to sell us bullshit we don’t need, are they looking to swindle brands to pay them per post, are they looking for rich guys to finance their lives….whatever it is, the world is coming together, as it always has, not for COVID but for finding and jacking off to international pussy.

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Scrubs Gone Naked of the Day

It was international nurse appreciation day, because nurses don’t get appreciated enough I guess, needy fucks…..

They want more appreciation…despite it being their job….and in it being their job they should do it without requiring so much praise….that’s the whole point of the pay check.

Now with COVID, Fighter Jets are flying over cities to celebrate them, but a handful want more…whether it is to supplement their income with an only fans…or snapchat premium…or just for the likes and follows to validate them…or maybe they are just perverts who can’t help themselves as they aim to please everyone, even those out there jacking off.

We know nurses are naughty, in part because they are only there to bed doctors they work with through their seduction so that they can live that life.

Here’s a bunch of nurses wanting you to jack off to them.


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20 Titty Drops of the Day

I don’t know about you, but I love when someone leads into a post with an URBAN DICTIONARY definition of a cultural phenom, like the TITTY drop, because we are a bunch of old fucks who call it TITTY FLASHING….

But becasue the world is weird, there’s specific nuances, I don’t even know what nuance means, but it seems like the word to use, to really hone in on and TARGET the content to specifically SPEAK to the person with that fetish…

So a TITTY drop is more than a TITTY flash…or a TITTY Reveal…

IT IS….and I quote…

“When breasts, or titties, are suspended and then released suddenly. As they fall, they jiggle back into place, creating a very pleasant viewing experience.”

An example would be:

“Unlike your balls, check out that titty drop”….

Here’s 20 examples for you.

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Naughty Nurses of the Day

Nurses on the front lines of the fake COVID crisis are the true heroes.

Especially when they get naked on the internet to celebrate all the love and attention they get.

I mean people are honking and banging pots and pans at 7 pm everyday in parts of Canada to let nurses know they matter….

Which I guess gets deep into their egos, and makes them feel invincible, so they get naked on the internet as people do when they feel at the top of their game. confidence man….

The fake COVID crisis isn’t isn’t to say the virus is a scam, I’m sure it’s a real virus, it is just to say all the data is confusing, the reason for the virus or how the virus was handled confusing, the fear mongering top notch, and since I don’t trust the government or the media ever, and since I assume the government is slow moving and probably covering up a fuck up, while liking their new position as BIG BROTHER with the best excuse to BIG BROTHER… I fall into more of what they’d call a conspiracy theorist than just accepting things at face value.

You should never accept things at face value, or listen and believe what TV is telling you but you should also never believe what the internet is telling you.

What isn’t fake news, or lies, or misguided information, is girls getting naked on the internet….

So, these are the heroes of the last few months according to the media that lies to us, but the real heroes are the ones getting naked to deal with being heroes.

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The biggest struggle I have being a half retard with ADD, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, I may even be flipper baby, or this could be early Alzheimers, diabetes, SLEEP Apnea who fucking knows…is consistency.

Sure, I get the site updated daily because that’s just what I do…but I want weekly themes…

I want TITTY Tuesday, Throwback Thursday, I want to be in that “It” hashtag crowd…following the trends so that you know every Tuesday you’ll find titties here, every Thursdays you’ll find girls throwing back loads, or whatever Throwback Thursday means..or menes depending on whether you live your life as a meme.

So today, we bring you WATERMELON Wednesday…it’s about the big tits we find on INSTAGRAM by BIG tit girls who like to show us their tits…and the only problem with this is that by next Wednesday I’ll forget about the weekly feature…so unless I get an email reminding me next Wednesday, or a FACEBOOK message…this may be the first and last WATERMELON wednesday….and it MAY never be the trending HASHTAG it needs to be!


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Support the Frontline Workers of the Day

It’s pretty clear that people have given up on the whole COVID fight, at least where I am, because everyone seems to be on top of each other, every one is starting to question the government, everyone is reducing the virus to a Flu that has been around forever, I mean when has the government been so quick to do anything before it was too late…the whole thing makes no sense…

Then there’s the whole releasing UFO footage today, knowing people are at home, in what is some icing on the cake to keep the strong hold….whether it is Deepstate shit, or Pizzagate Shit, or just the voices in our heads from being stuck in the house with the government we were trained to not trust…taking our jobs and making us stay in the house…it’s a fucked situation.

The frontline workers or the healthcare workers are being celebrated and they are taking it upon themselves to try to bask in that glory, or release that stress, who really knows what’s going on but bitches be getting naked for whatever reason in their scrubs and it’s topical…

I’ll be over the sex workers in the hospital system when this Pandemic ends…not that it will end…but when we’re all microchipped by Bill Gates like we aren’t already. Iphone / FB / TikTok yo.

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