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Public Flasher Tuesday of the Day

Here’s a compilation of girls flashing in various public places because girls, at least some of them, are exhibitionist fucks who get thrills out of being naughty teases….I think it’s some primal level instinct of wanting to get pregnant….you know to keep the species alive, but I’m not a scientist, I’m just here for the tits.

I realize that some of these aren’t officially in public, some may even be old recycled shit some loser nerd uploaded to his flashing fetish site, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth taking 2 seconds of your life to appreciate the efforts…

I know flashing on a hiking trail where there’s a 5% chance of being caught is hardly that thrilling, but we get the same effect and you know maybe that’s the gateway to fisting yourself in the Frozen Turkey section of Walmart.

So this is a celebration of girls, in a time of COVID when being in public is rumored to be deadly, putting in some effort to let you know how wild and daring they are….so risking their ACTUAL lives here just to flash a camera to upload to the internet so that they KNOW it happened…or that they know people saw that it happened, it’s about the clout….

I don’t know, or really care about you, but I am all for girls being sluts, being naked, being flashers, being perverted….even when they aren’t that hot, so I figure in a time when being in public is rumored to be dangerous, and getting caught is far less likely because the level of traffic in these public places is a fraction of what it was, it’s a great opportunity for other girls to get a taste of the flashing bug…like it is it’s own kind of virus…the flasher virus…jump on the trend girls out there on the fence of flashing, but needing that extra push of other girls flashing to make you think “I can do that too”.

This kind of flashing isn’t quite as offensive as when dudes flash in public, dick out, usually in inappropriate places that can get them arrested as sex offenders…the only thing criminal about this kind of flashing is that not every girl is doing it….daily…instead they slut out in different instagram ways that are less fun…losers.

Some videos after the more….click more….MORE…

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