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Gabby Epstein Underboob of the Day

I guess Gabby Epstein is really milking her dad’s name…conveniently posting an underboob in a bikini pic on the day Jeffrey Epstien’s accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell was caught by the FBI….

People get mad at me because I’ve always been an “Epstein isn’t so bad, he paid girls for massages, they knew what they were doing and probably loved the hustle while hanging out at the resort island and flying private jets”….which is apparently not the popular public opinion but if you get anyone to be HONEST in a non-judgemental, non-internet setting, they all know that at 17, when legal to drive, they were capable of deciding if they should take 250 dollars to massage an old dude while he jerked off or not….ans so are all the Epstein girls….not to mention the real young ones were probably for his most powerful of pervert clients and friends… I’m not really buying all the VICTIMS in his case who are clearly trying to cash in and still get paid by the Epstein estate, you know trying to steal Gabby Epstein’s inheritance, those bitches.


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Gabby Epstein Pretends to Not Fuck of the Day

Her name is Gabby Epstein and I’m sure I’ve posted her before, she’s one of those instagram sex workers that positioned herself as a beach and travel influencer, when all she influences is dudes who find her hot enough to jerk off to,

Her big joke, that is a joke on many levels is that this is the only physical contact she’ll get for the next 10-14 days…

the closest to any physical contact I’m going to get for the next 10-14 days

Which is possible, since these narcissists like to fuck themselves while watching their own IG stories get more views…

But my theory is that she’s already been turned inside out 14 times this morning to get your LATTE money you fucking slut.

Don’t act like you’re not a fucking whore, when clearly you’re a whore…GABBY EPSTEIN…RIGHT….

All these girls are hunkering down in the houses of rich guys….so that food supply doesn’t dry up…and if it does…they’ll just each the rich guy shit…like their literal shit…cuz these bitches will do anything.

When the rich guys dry up and choose hotter chicks to finance, they real sex work will happen. Ready for that? Same.

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