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Gisele’s 40 Year Old Mom Ass for the Coronavirus of the Day

Gisele staged a photoshoot at what I assume is one of the family villas in Costa Rica, because the family spends a lot of time in Costa Rica, and this isn’t the first time we’ve seen the bitch on the beaches of Costa Rica in a bikini…

It’s just weird because this is an actual photoshoot where she’s interacting with the photographer, yet it seems so paparazzi.

I am not too sure why the 40 Year Old Mom Ass is out in a bikini, obviously she still thinks she’s got a hot ass, and I guess she does, for a 40 year old mom…and bikini modelling is all she knows, it’s her skillset like her husband’s skillset is throwing a ball / her balls because I am still not convinced she’s not a Brazilian tranny.

That’s about all I need to say about that, as she gets locked down in Costa Rica when the borders get shut down….in what I imagine to be a crazy compound…probably the first the locals will home invade when supplies start to dwindle…

RIP Gisele and her bold “the wold is dying, here’s a bikini shoot for you”….bullshit.


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