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Trigger Warning of the Day

In an era of people being easily offended or really quick to attack each other based on basically anything….it’s more and more logical to eliminate the police force entirely and create a society of self regulating people….who carry guns.

Go back to that Wild West attitude that seemed pretty fucking awesome in every cowboy movie I’ve seen, because it is pretty obvious that introducing the police to any of these unregulated towns, like Deadwood, was what took all the personality out of the town.

So some asshole’s bright idea of creating a Police to Police us, instead of letting us deal with our own damn problems, whatever way we choose….which is really what we should be protesting…because we aren’t children, we are adults, and we aren’t free, if we have these “authorities” who even call themselves the “authorities”, trying to tell us how to fucking live!!

So…get guns. You are your own protector….and let this babe in hot shorts with her hot body inspire you….but don’t turn the gun on yourself…that’s not what this is about…it’s about babes and guns and you manning the fuck up.


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