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Halle Berry Skater Granny of the Day

Halle Berry Skater Girl Granny

Halle Berry is the Drake of acting, which is basically saying that she was lucky enough to have a black father that she may or may not have ever met, or that definitely didn’t have much involvement in her life, but that gave her the backstory to claim being black as she lived the upper middle class life in a white community.

That’s not to say that she’s not black, who am I to decide what a person identifies as, plus when she was in highschool in the 60s, she probably got teased a lot, you know people are racist, at least until her awesome tits grew out….because any dude not getting with that when they had a chance is definitely kicking themselves now, assuming they haven’t died of old age yet.

It is to say that they both had moms who liked black cock, who raised the black kids without the dad and put them into song and dance lessons at a young age so that when they were ready, they could emulate black people as best as they could in movies, or in rap music, even dropping the N-Bomb, because it’s their right as kids with black dads.

Well, it worked out well for both of them because Hollywood and Music needed black people to fill a role and since Hollywood is run by a bunch of racist nerdy dudes who are there for the pussy, the more white and accessible the starlet for the blackpart is, the better it is for them because their racist management styles can manage them without too much cultural differences…so if anything Halle Berry’s whole career is based on racism, where she took the part of actual black girls raised in actual black homes where they struggled with actual black issues…beyond just being teased in their white schools…

But none of that takes away how hot she is, even now, all these years later as she skateboards in a bikini bottom.

Halle Berry Skater Girl Granny
Halle Berry Skater Girl Granny
Halle Berry Skater Girl Granny
Halle Berry Skater Girl Granny

Halle Berry Skater Girl Granny
Halle Berry Skater Girl Granny


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Halle Berry in a Bikini Top of the Day

Halle Berry posted this picture of her tits in a a bikini that is barely even interesting, you’d have to be a real weirdo Halle Berry fan to get off to this, you know because you crave the new content so badly that you’ll take what you can get, since you’ve basically burned out all her titty scenes from the movies….

I do find it semi interesting only because the whole celebrity thing is a farce now that everyone is striving for their 15 minutes of attention by doing dumb thirsty attention seeking things….it’s like we don’t need the old guard of exclusive, hard to reach or connect with, because all we had of them was paparazzi, media tours and other contrived shit….rather than their true self..

I have always assumed Halle Berry who was raised white, but milked the BLACK thing hard, despite being raised white, as she could BLACK FACE without getting in trouble and pretend to be black or understand the black plight, like Drake…she’d put a twang on her white speak to push forward for herself not the movement of black power….but I’ve always assumed she sucked producer dick to exist as the default “black enough to play a black person and white enough for us to deal with her”…so seeing her doing smutty shit for likes and follows is exactly how I assume her celebrity was created or existed…

So with that being said, she could have done a little bit sluttier, even at 50….let’s see the damage that pussy has been through all these years of “CELEBRITY”…

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Halle Berry See Through of the Day

Halle Berry See through

Halle Berry may be an old whore, but she’s still a whore, and that shouldn’t go unrecognized.

I am a firm believer in inclusivity and diversity and to write off a whore just because she’s old, despite putting the work in like she’s not old…wouldn’t feel right.

I know that Halle Berry was used as some figurehead for the black population to think that Hollywood is nice to black folk, so long as they were raised white because they are as white as they are black, since their blackness came from a sperm donor or one night stand depending what you consider her mom’s whore behavior to be…the same whore behavior that was taught unto her offspring so that she could take her hotness to Hollywood and make it as the accessible black girl…you know the plantation owner’s daughter that got sent to college not the plantation owners slaves being killed in the field level of BLACK HISTORY MONTH….

So long as she was able to imitate actual black people…something I bet she did by watching hours of tape of actual black people to really embrace her blackness in a believable way that comes across on film…

She’s an actor, that’s what they do. Bullshit….

Either way, still hot, showing nip, it’s good….

Halle Berry Lingerie


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Halle Berry Skin Bleaching of the Day

Halle Berry White Face Skin Bleaching

I guess when it comes to self isolation or work from home, these whores who sit in mansions with piles of money and are barely inconvenienced because they are Halle Berry and bitch gets whatever she wants….

You get only a few options in content. Cooking /Eating videos, workout videos and beauty videos.

On one level it seems so low level and desperate for a celebrity to use social media for their personal brands. It’s like you’re Halle Berry and you have to let people watch you apply bleach to your face because you’re ready to admit that you’re only black by a technicality.

It’s like bitch these influencer wannabes are doing this so they can MAYBE get to your level of fame, and here you are doing it because you think you have to, your agents tell you too, you’ve always been an attention seeking whore and this immediate feedback gives you things to jack off to. I get it and that’s ok….it just seems kind of pathetic whether it is fun or not….I can imagine some of the high paid shit this girl turned down. Maybe TV commercial spots or campaigns that would require less work and less shame than doing this for free. So crazy.

Halle Berry White Face Skin Bleaching
Halle Berry White Face Skin Bleaching
Halle Berry White Face Skin Bleaching

Halle Berry White Face Skin Bleaching


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Halle Berry Uncut Nude Sex Scene From “Monster’s Ball”

The uncut full resolution version of the (in)famous Billy Bob Thornton and Halle Berry nude sex scene from “Monster’s Ball” has finally been released in the video above.

Halle Berry nude sex

And as you can see, this uncut version proves once and for all that the rumors were true… And that when Bill Bob bounced his balls off of Halle’s bare brown buttock they really were having sex with one another.

Of course this should come as no surprise for Bill Bob has no problem sticking his dick in dark dangerous places, as he use to be bang Angelina Jolie. For her part Halle Berry is a savage Sub-Saharan who will have sex with pretty much anyone (or thing). Not to mention she is not that good an actress, and so the sexual pleasure she exhibits in this scene is far too believable to be a performance.