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Hana Jirikova Bathing Suit Photoshoot of the Day

I once said that this Hana Jirikova has the name of a failed mail order bride who was forced to turn into a fashion model because she had the height….because mail order brides if properly human trafficked can end up with billionaires….especially when they are from parts of the world that have the most billionaires per capita….

She’s actually Czech, but Czech girls are also whores at least when it comes to porn production, Prague is a hub….so things could have gone a different way for her…

This is some bullshit travel campaign that some company is launching because the airlines are anticipating a rush of travellers as soon as the borders open up and those travellers need over priced bullshit bathing suits that have enough money to fly in models and do fancy shoots for their bullshit bathing suits because the rich get richer or some shit…and the people of the internet or instagram think they need 1000 bikinis to keep their content fresh so they keep buying them…not realizing the impact and waste that puts on our already dying world….but they get that selfie man and that’s what’s important. Go fuck yourself with your content you make to make up want to fuck you….which in Hana Jirickova’s case is working even though this is fucking boring man….you’d think with the money invested they’d put up more nudity and ass shots..

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