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Heather Graham Bikini of the Day

Heather Graham Bikini

Heather Graham posted up a bikini pic because she’s got great tits that have been very kind to her over the years, in part because they haven’t got cancer yet and killed her, but also because she got some pretty amazing movie parts because of the tits, from Boogie Nights, which is really what put her on the map….and I guess Austin Powers which I only saw once back when it was a thing….and left it at that…because it annoyed me then and I am sure I’d fucking hate it now…but Heather Graham is amazing even in her old age.

Coincidentally, my friend Steve sent me the Heather Graham origin story this weekend, which was basically that her dad was an FBI agent, her mom a school teacher and Children’s book author, and by 9 they ended up in California.

So dropped out of college to pursue acting full time and in 1988 she was in Corey Haim (RIP)/ Corey Feldman – License to Drive, a movie I last saw in 1988 and didn’t realize she was the “babe” in it until today…I’m not a very good celebrity blogger because I really don’t care…

The interesting part of this is that her strict parents forbade her to accept a role in the black comedy Heathers which had an expletive-rich script….and which became Heathers….an iconic and still referenced movie even on TikTok today….good job FBI AGENT narc dad….who if he’s still alive and he may be even though she’s so fucking old…could probably come after me in ways I’d rather avoid…because unlike the TikTok generation, I am not into this whole internet privacy / tracking situaton, so we’ll just leave it at that…


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Heather Graham Looking 50 in her Bikini of the Day

Heather Graham’s 50 year old bikini body went viral earlier in the week because she posted a badly photoshopped selfie where her hair looked like it was painted on, or on some barbie made of plastic kind of kick….but as it turns out the paparazzi version of the pics aren’t as bad as I’d expect, I mean she’s still a sloppy titty, 50 year old with a ass that looks like it is melting, and a belly that looks like it’s early pregnancy, which is impossible because of menopause…the hottest shit around for dudes into old ladies you can’t knock up.

She still looks “alright” I guess, but I am a believer that some fitness could do her body some good, even at 50 tap into that higher testosterone and make some muscles…at least in her ass…I mean what the fuck else does she do all day besides being a rich celebrity….clearly…a lazy rich celebrity…

All this to say, she doesn’t deserve the hype she got, I think the internet is a terrible breeding ground of over encouraging people too many “your great girl”…or “looking amazing”….or “so fucking hot”….and not enough “PUT ON A ONE PIECE YOU OLD SLOPPY FUCK”…because if you wrote “PUT ON A ONE PIECE YOU OLD SLOPPY FUCK”….instagram would ban you…even if what you are saying is truth and they pretend to care about truth as they have fake news fact checking software running….

Here’s a 50 year old sack of shit you once jacked off to….


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Heather Graham Photoshopped Bikini Pic of the Day

Heather Graham Bikini

This photo of Actress Heather Graham is so heavily photoshopped it almost looks like an oil painting, or a sketch, but I guess that applies to every single girl on the internet who wants to make themselves just a little hotter than they are, with a few filters and facetune / photoshop apps…because why the fuck not….it’s not like you have to socialize or go out in public anymore. You can be an AVATAR…like the movie…only less queer.

This reminds me of when you let an old lady go at her photos top make her look younger, but this old lady is Heather Graham and we’ve all jerked off to her thanks to the RACIST HATE CRIME COMMITTING YET RICHER THAN GOD DESPITE HIS RACIST HATE CRIMES Marky Mark…has he been cancelled yet, or is the public more lenient on people they find cool, while too busy cancelling dudes who have racist wives…so dumb…

What I like about this pic is the square hip….I know that’s what I look for in pussy…but only because the closest thing to pussy I get is my AMAZON cardboard boxes.


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