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Heidi Klum Thong of the Day

Heidi Klum Fitness

Heidi Klum is looking pretty good for someone who has had her insides fucking destroyed by Seal’s baby arm sized cock at least enough times to produce their army of babies…I mean you’d think her uterus would be dragging behind her as she walked, like some kind of puppy mill dog that was overbred because humans are assholes, only to be rescued and given the surgeries needed to go on with a life that doesn’t involve having your cunt drag on the ground.

She’s pretty fit at near 50….but if anything it’s just an endorsement for the Eugenics that made her, or her parents, thanks to that whole Nazi thing people pretend didn’t happen….which is probably more relevant now than ever…because of how crazy the fucking world is…something that a toned stomach on an old as shit mom can at least distract us from.


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