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Helen Hunt Boogie Boarding Bikini of the Day

Helen Hunt Bikini Boogie Board

I feel like the average age of anyone who comes to this website, based on the fact that it is a website alone, because websites no longer exist, they’ve been replaced with social media run by EVIL corporations, and if the websites do exist, they’ve been back burnered to other website run by EVIL corporations by other EVIL corporations like GOOGLE or the Social Media sites, so that no one ends up on the website…..

But you, my dear 50+ year old nerd who was on the internet in 2004, you still remember websites…and in being in that demographic, you likely jacked off to HELEN HUNT at least once during her run on Mad About you (the first time around) because it was a simpler time where getting porn was difficult and Helen Hunt had tits. Sure she was no Hard Nipples on Friends, but they were probably on the NBC Thursday night line-up, so foreplay to those hard nipples, but I’m not going to bother googling it, instead I’ll post the 60 year old and her boogie board in her bikini living that Cali life.

Because even when you’re too old to be jerked off to, someone out there can jerk off to you, this one’s for that guy.

Helen Hunt Bikini Boogie Board
Helen Hunt Bikini Boogie Board


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