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Hunter King Titty Shake of the Day

Hunter King Titty Bounce

Hunter King is essentially a porn actress, she’s spent the bulk of her career on The Young and the Restless, which in case you didn’t know was porn to housewives and people on disability without cable.

She’s now making a move to star in some Western Comedy, because country is in, and hicks are the only people watching Network Television because they haven’t quite figured out that whole streaming thing, they clearly understand Facebook and Twitter though, I SEE THEM, but they are still committed to cable choosing what they watch for them.

Her sister had a breakout year on an HBO or SHOWTIME show playing a retard who killed her mom, I watched the series and it was good.

None of you care about Hunter King’s misinterpreted bio written by Jesus Martinez….you care about her tits…and luckily as an under 30 year old with tits…she knows the importance of showing those tits any way she can…whether it dancing, in a bikini, in a dramatic half naked photoshoot…whatever it may be…LOOK AT HER TITS and give her relevance…otherwise what’s the point of even having tits…if you’re not going to use them just cut them off like Angelina to avoid cancer at that point. I know a few people who would buy them.

Here she is at the Independent Spirit Awards with her sister Joey King

Hunter King Hot
Hunter King Hot
Hunter King Hot



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