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Irina Shayk is Less Hot in a Magazine of the Day

In not so surprising news, hot mail order Russian model or spy, who integrated into the American culture via Sports Illustrated Swim, before targeting one of your A-Listers, who is hilariously an A-Lister, getting knocked up and on that CHILD SUPPORT payout program. Clever hustle.

But in not so surprising news, she was substantially hotter before she went that Hollywood mom route, when she was still a hot bodied model, but I guess the world still likes her because of her celebrity, she’s still hot, even if only fractionally as hot as she was before her vagina exploded all over the fucking floor thanks to a money making scheme…and this dyke looking photoshoot is proof that people still find her a compelling character thanks to being knocked up by an alister and not for actually being compelling, because none of these idiots are compelling, they are just puppets or life support systems for titties and pussy holes…

In this shoot is Irina Shayk with cameltoe shorts on, but also looking like a Russian 15 year old boy in the 90s waiting in a breadline…it’s a weird fetish but someone’s clearly got it….

I do like the Tennis shot though…not that you care about anything I like you jerks.

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Irina Shayk in Intimissimi’s Green Lingerie

Irina Shayk the strategic Russian, because Russians are strategic. They like to win and usually win when they don’t get caught for their corruption, which I just think is enterprising and clever tactics to get what they want, and there’s nothing wrong with being smart and and know how to make situations work for them, or make the most of situations. They are bred from communism, they have risen from communism, and in that have learned how to survive….the rationed toilet paper lines only to discover toilet paper is only going to be available in 3 weeks…is the kind of suffering that fat americans with their TVs and Fast food can’t grasp….so when you’re born Russian and you look like Irina Shayk you are sure as fuck using that shit to either spy, or get out of Russia…through modeling, sex work, being a mail order bride….any means possible….and getting knocked up by a rich A-List celebrity means a life of Glamour her grandmother couldn’t even dream of because American movies weren’t available in Russia…but that she’s living…and all it took was an internal cum shot…a creampie if you will…a dropping of loads in her uterus…and now she gets paid 20-50k a month….she can buy all the toilet paper she needs…she can even open up a toilet paper store back home so no one in her community will ever go without toilet paper….a modern day hero.

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