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JLO Embarrassing Workout of the Day

JLo Leggings

J.Lo is such an old, dried up, outdated cunt that when you see her as she tries to be as hot as the young girls, as cool as the young girls, because the young girls are into J.Lo for her legacy, over that Nostalgia, she just assumes she’s still got it…but old people are fucking old people and old people pretending to be young people are still old people…

So seeing J.Lo on the elliptical bike, not the elliptical machine in the privacy of her own home, but an elliptical bike that is an actual bike….like you’d expect some old autistic doctor or dentist in Florida would be riding….since there’s zero fucking cool in this.

I’ve actually been outside and some motherfucker on one of these has ridden up on me, it may not be as bad as those people with the long “speed skate” roller blades that they rock out with a pair of cross country ski poles, you know that lame fitness crazy I mean…but it is PRETTY fucking lame..

What I am trying to say, if you needed a reminder that J.Lo is a fucking boomer…this is the proof…so don’t get distracted by her social media smut, she’s a fucking 50 year old and 50 year olds are fucking 50 year olds…no matter how hard they pretend their pussy hasn’t dried up.

JLo Leggings

JLo Leggings
JLo Leggings


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J.Lo the 300 Year Old Guess Girl of the Day

I know that all the middle aged women and gay dudes love celebrating J.Lo, they like to look at her and call her fierce, or some age defying creature…

I should google it and repost the headlines, or propaganda they are spewing about her.

“Jennifer Lopez Stunned in a White Backless Swimsuit on …”

“Jennifer Lopez is beautiful and sexy in a beautiful jersey cut!”

Get the fuck out of here…Ya’ll are fucking nuts, she’s 100 fucking years old and looks like some entitled rich cunt who only looks like this because of her obnoxious personality, her ALPHA over achieving personality, her entitled exploit Puerto Ricans body, while bitch can’t even speak SPANISH, or couldn’t a few years ago after the bulk of her success because she was fucking BLACK-FACING the whole Puerto Rican thing like Drake…use what works, be the LATIN booty everyone fucking loves from Affleck to Diddy to who the fuck cares….she was COSPLAYING and ya’ll thought it was ok…

Like she thinks its ok to REP a brand that pays her a lot of money cuz she loves money….despite the founder of the company being a known sexual predator…

So the first to call out whatever bullshit she’s told to call out and cancel… also supporting a predator….because you’re all fucking hypocrites…

Fuck J.Lo. She’s trash and fuck whoever is campaigning for her to behave like this at 55. Go home, retire, make some cookies or have your slave labor make you some cookies you rich fucking cunt with a staff I am sure she doesn’t pay people well for.

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J.Lo Spreading COVOID-19 at her Gym of the Day

Jennifer Lopez Gym Covid

Remember J.Lo is above the law…

I don’t know if stay at home orders are really being implemented in Miami Beach where she lives, but I do know that when you’re rich and famous, or just rich really, your world becomes designed by your rules.

So in J.Lo’s case, Gym closures don’t apply. Gym owners do what their star clients tell them, plus they can get a nice kickback depending on how desperate the rich and famous are.

What’s 25k or whatever J.Lo bribed the guy to make the gym exclusive to J.Lo to workout in….when revenues are at 0. So I get it.

PLUS, J.Lo NEEDS the gym to maintain her troll on aging. Her health and wellness / her vanity is more important to her than following the rules or risking catching a virus….

She gotta keep the lie that she’s not in her 50s, and that she’s hot alive and she’ll die, or put others at risk for that….

Point of the story, it’s good to be rich, because you get to be an asshole!

Jennifer Lopez Gym Covid
Jennifer Lopez Gym Covid
Jennifer Lopez Gym Covid


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