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The Jokes Write Themselves of the Day

Jaime King Selma Blair

Two crackhead bitches…looking nice and rough in their 40s…

This is Jamie King, the heroin addict who survived the 90s, even though her boyfriend at the time didn’t who according to her divorce papers is still a fucking junkie, because once a junkie always a fucking Junkie…

She is hanging out with Selma Blair, another psychotic low level celebrity from our younger years who had some hype around her, who is pretending she has MS, or at least playing up the MS, looking all WONKY legged because if you have an ailment, you gotta exploit the ailment for sympathy, brand deals, a marketing hook…you know being a garbage person requires work.

Together, they are walking out of somewhere looking like some crackheads who just scored a bottle of booze from sucking some parking lot dick….only they are “celebrities….which in and of itself is hilarious.


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Jaime King Braless Crackhead of the Day

Jaime King Braless Crackhead

Jaime King is some opiate addict trash who is currently going through a divorce, where her opiate addiction has been made public.

I feel like some sort of prophet, or clairvoyant, call me MISS CLEO, or Nostradamus because I’ve been calling her an opiate addict since she was an official opiate addict.

You see, before she pulled her opiate addict socks up and ran from NYC where she modelled as a HEROIN CHIC with an actual Heroin addiction, it was the 90s, cuz she’s an old weathered pussy….and heroin ended up killing off her boyfriend, so edgy…so cool…fucking idiots…but she’d show her tits alot and we like tits.

So she moved to LA, sucked JustJared’s dick, groupied on a blogger, something that has never happened to me because I am not gay and Asian and in LA I guess…then she tried things out as an actor…and has really done nothing interesting or relevant…all while being an opiate addict, forever an opiate addict…and I have no sympathy for addicts ever.

I will still stare at their junky tits, and pay their junky asses to do the most terrible possible things, you know lets see how far this addiction takes you motherfuckers…maybe you should have just stuck to weed…

I actually have a friend who died of a Heroin overdose, he was a huge pot head hippie who listed to jam bands and wore fucking tie dye before it was cool during quarantine…good vibes until some girl he dated as like “let’s try heroin”…fucking dummy…I have no respect for that and he was a legit friend, so I have no respect for this cunt…who isn’t dead from the opiates…YET…

So stare at the tits while they are still there, I guess.

Jaime King Braless Crackhead
Jaime King Braless Crackhead


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Jaime King Nipples of the Day

Jaime King Nipples

Jamie King is some trash who is out there facing COVID with her tits out in a tight bathing suit looking outfit that may remind you of your elementary school swim class…because the tits are very 40 year old in the 90s….

She’s out here for the paparazzi so that they notice her and feel she’s worthy of a pic in these times of celebrities not producing nearly as much paparazzi clickbait….so they’ll shoot pics of anyone…assuming she didn’t call it in…but she probbaly called it in…maximize that trip to the outside world…since the coverage is the only reason she’s on a trip to the outside world…

I am sure she’s not scared of a bullshit virus, she was tying up and spiking her veins with street heroin back in the 90s…when AIDS was a thing. Her boyfriend died of an overdose that I am sure she was there for and she didn’t save him because she was likely having the best high of her life at the time….and because she’s the kind of cunt who lets you die on her watch….

She managed to swap out her career of being a heroin addict model who had her tits out, to an acting career that hasn’t been significant, but that have clearly taken some of the same tactics her modeling career did of having her tits out….because showing off the tits to get people interested in her is one of the most primitive tactics a woman can use and have been using since we were primitive apes…

Either way, 50 year old ex heroin model tits in a face mask isn’t my fetish.

Jaime King Nipples
Jaime King Nipples
Jaime King Nipples


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Jaime King Goes Full Retard in a Bodysuit of the Day

Jaime King Full Retard Bodysuit

I am not politically correct. I figure the one benefit of building a site off making offensive, off color jokes multiple times a day over the last 15 years, is that I can use words like “RETARDED”….I know that it may date me, and not in a dick in mouth kind of date, but let you know how old I am….because I like words like “Retarded”….I also like words like “FAG” and other things that have been banned from the internet cuz you are all a bunch of pussies…

So whenever I see anyone in a helmet, I automatically think of a retard just trying to live his best life without another brain injury from all his retard banging his head against the wall or stumbling while not masturbating at the public pool for the old ladies at aqua fitness.

Plus Jaime King is a fucking retard….a heroin addict model who had a boyfriend die of a heroin overdose like he was less skilled in heroin use than Demi Lovato…which is pretty fucking embarrassing to all the heroin uses…a Disney Kid is harder than you….and now she’s a fucking mom in LA pretending to be an important actress…but she is in on one piece.


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