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Jamie King Hard Nipples of the Day

Jamie King Hard Nipples

I don’t read celebrity gossip, which I assume seems crazy since I run a site that is 90 percent making fun of celebrities with all their latest content…and I agree it’s a fucking horrible Twilight Zone life I’ve built myself…because I fucking hate celebrity….they are all losers to me even if they are winning and to hear people actually interested in them is a source of great frustration now that I’ve punished myself posting their shit all these years.

When I started, It was like “this celeb is hot, look at her tits”…and traffic piled in, so I thought, what funnier than celeb gossip from someone who only cares about celeb tits, and even then, barely cares about celeb tits…

Celeb Gossip is smut, gaping asshole, double penetration, big black dick on tiny chick smut….just for a different audience….

Today….while my own asshole was gaping….thanks to eating COVID pizza last night….I saw a story about how Jamie King, HEROIN addict got a restraining order against her husband of 12 years….because they are getting divorced and I guess that’s a way to fuck him some how…even though the Hepatitis from her heroin days and the TRAUMA and annoyingness of being a heroin addict was probably punishment enough…then there’s the whole two kids together…that fucking sucks…

So coincidentally, not overly coincidentally she’s out with her hard nips that in the 90s were hot….because MILK that story with your low level fame….if you look close enough you can probably see Just Jared groupie-ing on her…because he’s a celebrity blogger so obsessed with celebrities that the celebrities let him in, at least the low levels like Jamie King….not that it matters…blog wars.

Jamie King Hard Nipples
Jamie King Hard Nipples
Jamie King Hard Nipples


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