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January Jones – Fuck Me Boots Want You to Vote of the Day

Celebrities are such fucking puppets…and this is January Jones attempting to do some mind control because she assumes she’s got some level of clout or power because she’s convinced perverts into letting her on the TV shows…it’s not all that exciting…

But she wants you to vote, because celebrities are part of the mind control, brainwashing organizations, they sit on the front lines and in efforts to get you to vote, she’s posted what looks like a 40 year old mom ass in some old lady panties in some VOTE Fuck me Boots that are probably not designed to push voter registration amongst the pervert following, but are probably from some anal sex party she had when pregnant with Jason Sudeikis baby.

What I am trying to say is that January Jones has found social media in the pandemic and posts smut because that’s the kind of girl she is…which is why she’s a celebrity.

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January Jones See Through of the Day

January Jones See Through

January Jones is probably best known for being the single mother to Jason Sudeikis’ kid, has found social media, and like all the whores who climbed the ranks of hollywood being whores, she’s found it an easy transition from actress who was lucky enough to land one solid role, to self obsessed selfie taker who gives a bit of skin to her pervert fans, knowing it gets more likes and follows, which is a currency especailly to the already rich…and bored…because celebrities just sit around their houses all day when they aren’t working, which in January Jones’ case is all the fucking time….and there’s always a pool to press the mom pussy up against the jet….before or after taking a bikini tit shot for the fans.

This is not a bikini tit shot, it’s a see through dress kind of thing that you know is equally an attempt to get some praise or at least get jerked off to by the fans, because like cam girls, pornstars and basically all women, they like being jerked off to…even when they claim to hate men, the patriarchy and all that misogyny shit….they actually fucking love it and get off to it.

The latest January Jones news is that she was flirting with NBA player Kawhi Leonard, who I think was the guy that made Toronto Raptors win the NBA championship, despite Kawhi having a girlfriend because that’s just how a woman who would end up a single mother behaves “put the dick in me, figure it out later”…

January Jones See Through
January Jones See Through


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January Jones Ruined 2020 of the Day

January Jones Bath

So as I expected, January Jones, the heathen single mother who tried to trap Jason Sudeikis or whatever the fuck that lame comedic actor’s name is, with their baby I doubt he’s met but I am sure has probably paid for, because who needs to meet the kids you pay for when they come with a psychotic bottom feeder who managed to get herself on TV where she got to show the world she had decent sized tits, which is all it really took to keep her around, now on social media more than ever, because the boomer is learning that the internet is based on titties and tits get hits, so she’s been active on the bathing suits and bikinis and the proof that she cast a spell on all of us with her MANIFEST bath, some vision board shit, that probably got her pregnant in the first place, I mean that and hiding the cum in her mouth before she could lay down with her legs up around her head to spit it into her gaping post fucked cunt… know mom trapping…or would it be dad trapping…because you know there were no condoms involved in their celebrity sex.


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January Jones Pantless of the Day

January Jones Pantsless

January Jones is a test case, or would it be a textbook case, of a woman who found instagram late in life and realized that being as simple and basic as possible gets results…

It is like she’s old enough, because she is old, to remember when you had to take loads down your throat after doing some dramatic blowjob performance that you know was her real test to see if she could act, because any dude who has had a theatrical blowjob knows the girl is putting on a show and that your pathetic cock isn’t nearly as celebratory as she’s making it out to be…you know that no one under any circumstances except a bitch you are paying or a bitch who wants to trap you enjoys your unwashed dick at that fucking level…it is how they get the part in the acting world…

So she’s old enough to know that just showing tits, or legs or whatever half naked body part she’s into at the time gets her all this feedback, all these results, with little fucking effort.

What used to involve writing letters to producers to set up meetings, showing up to meetings, going to parties and working her way through the scene after moving to LA….maybe even working shitty jobs as a stripper or an escort or a waitress to get into the scene….when now all a bitch needs to do is show a little tit in a pic…pretty hilarious..

Not as hilarious as how Jason Sudeikos knocked her up and never admitted to being her baby daddy…what a dick…why hasn’t anyone cancelled him for his crimes against women…that probably involve paying this trash 20k a month in child support…

January Jones Pantsless


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January Jones Shows Her Tits and Looks Hot As Well

Random collection of pictures focusing on January Jones’ juicy jugs, including a couple of screencaps from Sweetwater (2013). We love January since she’s very pretty. Not a good actress though.

January Jones Back in a Bikini of the Day

January Jones Bikini

I was having a conversation with myself about people like January Jones yesterday, it was a very fulfilling conversation as all my conversations with myself are and I figured it’d come in handy for the next time January Jones posted up a bikini pic while not out there raising Jason Sudeikis’ love child, or would it be Bastard child that I am not sure he’s a deadbeat dad with, or that January Jones is just a cunt about, keeping her kid away from his dad, cuz he’s fucking Olivia Wilde…I don’t get into the nitty gritty of celebrity fucking, I really don’t care about any of these trashy fucking people.

What I do care about is that I preferred when celebs were kept at an arm length away. I saw that Dr Dre did some interview that came out yesterday about the same concept, which is basically that social media is a shitty way to interact with celebrities, because having access to celebrities, even having the chance for a celeb to engage with you is not that way a celebrity / fan relationship is supposed to be.

The celebrity is supposed to be this mystical creature, an untouchable creature….they shouldn’t be a reality star who documents thier every move. I don’t need to know January Jone’s whore personality, I prefer just assuming they are whores who aren’t whores for us because we have nothing to offer them……until social media…and now I realize she’s officially a girl who uses her tits for attention, loves the likes and follows…it’s a currency to her…and she’s not alone in this…they are all that personality type that love ratings, reviews and being the center of attention…so of course when given the chance to be an influencer, they take it…because the whole psychology of influencers is what fueled these old hags to go to Hollywood in the first place to try to make it…ego, narcissism, a false sense of confidence in their talent and a willingness to suck old executive dick, or maybe give a good titty job…because Hollywood was built on perversion….

I just find it cheapens them, so why see them in movies playing characters of interest, when they’ve turned themselves into memes or basic onlyfans type girls…it’s pretty low level, especially when they are already rich….

The exclusivity, the secret world of celeb, far more interesting than rich people bored on instagram who love attention….it’s just garbage..

January Jones Bikini
January Jones Bikini

January Jones Swing
January Jones Bikini


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January Jones Bikini of the Day

January Jones Bikini

January Jones has found her calling at 45 years old, after a career of using her tits to get wherever she got, which besides Mad Men, I don’t think is too much, but like Mili Vanili always said, you just need that one hit to carry you….and you don’t even need to be the one signing to get that one hit…you just have to be there…

Like all whores, who know they are whores, but pretend that they aren’t because of whatever storyline they are trying to tell, like that they are of high quality, top tier, unaffordable whore level….only to be reduced to being a common whore and all it took as a Global pandemic…because she posted a bikini pic and the fans went nuts, that’s what they’ve been waiting for, so she’s posted 3 bikinis since.

It must be a joke to an old timer like this to see how easy it is for tits to make that internet money…..”you mean I don’t need to get knocked up and have the kid out of wedlock only to be paid off by the dad who wants to be anonymous to get paid, all I need is a bikini, I mean to get Mad Men I had to take all that John Hamm dick”….

You get what I am saying, social media is a joke.

January Jones Bikini
January Jones Bikini


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January Jones Fat Single Mom Tits in a Skimpy Bikini of the Day

I don’t give a fuck about 45 year old actresses who clearly sucked dick to be actresses, or the tits they floated in on….but I know that January Jones has a loyal fanbase of perverts who like her 45 year old tits and all the ways they sag thanks to being sloppy as shit….

So this skimpy bikini top where you can basically see full tit, thanks to that mom nipple that’s been turned into a baby feeding spout…for a baby that has no dad or that has no public dad because I am sure January Jones has at least a top 4-5 possible dudes who came in her the month the kid was conceived, and at least one of them has paid her off to keep her mouth shut….which is probably how they got in this mess in the first place..if only she opened that damn mouth…dude would have a less permanent place to fucking bust his load.

As much as I want to hate on these big mom tits in a bikini, I can’t help but appreciate the big mom tits in a bikini, not because they are good tits, but because they are tits, and this is the only kind of content January Jones should be putting out there.

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January Jones Ass Slap of the Day

January Jones Ass Slap

January Jones wants you to look down her shirt at her 42 year old cleavage, because it’s been a tactic she has used her entire life to get people to give her want she wants in life….which I assume is a career as an actress…or maybe it’s a child out of wedlock that the father’s identity is kept secret for whatever reason, but one I like to call BITCH GOT PAID OFF…

I figure there’s a lot hotter than a 42 year old mom who was in a few TV shows showing the smallest amount of mom cleavage…I am sure the Tampon aisle at the drug store has more near menopause tit than this even during the COVID crisis..but that’s just based on my experience of spending hours in the tampon aisle to congratulate women for being women by asking if I can have a vile of their period blood for my feminist period art inspired masturbation…


January Jones Ass Slap


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January Jones Bath Time Nudity of the Day

January Jones Bath Tits

January Jones is in the bath, showing all you caring perverts that life as a single mom is rough, so rough that sometimes you just need to take a minute to bathe off the sin.

I’ve never been into January Jones so the fact that I am watching her bathe is just a testament of the times thanks to social media…where the kind of person who became a “celelbrity” from her humble Oregon beginnings, is going to naturally overshare her because she fucking loves the attention, feedback, and likes…it’s her drug…along with getting cummed inside by dudes who refuse to admit they are her child’s father.

As someone who hates celebrities and who thinks they are all trashy whores, even if they were born into the industry, this kind of behavior is expected and I guess welcomed because I’d rather see some bitch on TV in the bath pretending to be real…instead of walking around in paparazzi pics pretending to be bothered by all the hype she generated for herself by getting knocked up by a mystery man out of wedlock who has yet to admit he’s the dad.

You know, if you’re a media whore or attention whore and that’s why you’re even in LA in the first place, take advantage of that direct line to your fans.

I’m just disappointed this didn’t end with her fisting herself in a “look how stretchy my cunt is now that I’ve have a baby and hundreds of important cock that helped me get famous in me”….


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