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Jenny Slate Nude of the Day

Jenny Slate Nude

Jenny Slate shot to fame by doing one of the most annoying viral videos of our internet times, Marcel the Shell with Shoes On, where she baby talked so hard that Hollywood Listened, they are into that kind of thing….

She went onto SNL and solidified herself as a Comedian and has since been in a few movies that you’d hope she wasn’t naked in, but that apparently she’s naked in….even though no one asked her to get naked and by default this is the equivalent of Weinstein pulling his gangrenous dick out for one of the women who used him….

Point being, she’s clearly got fans and she’s naked for those fans and whether at 38 and ugly you’d want to see her naked or not, I guess seeing everyone naked is better than not seeing them naked. Barely.

Jenny Slate Nude

Jenny Slate Nude


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