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Jessica Lowndes Bikini of the Day

jessica lowndes bikini

Jessica Lowndes is a Canadian success story in fake titties. The Vancouver born and raised actress, if you can even call her that, she dropped out of High School at 16 to move to LA to become an actress, which I guess worked out fo her because she’s done basically one TV show (90210 – The New Class) with AnaLynne McCord, which worked out to be a serious pile of shit that got rightfully cancelled, but that wasn’t enough of a pile of shit to not get this one paid because despite not working since, she’s still in LA, still living off that 90210 money…..which could very likely be more to do with her working as a prostitute in LA, where the fact she was on TV allows her to charge her clients more, not that I have any issue with prostitutes, I just have issue with prostitutes who don’t know they are prostitutes because we are all fucking prostitutes in some way or another, women are just better at it because they actually take dick in their twats for cash, where the rest of us do things we don’t really like for money.

ANYWAY….she’s real low level, but in a bikini, with her fake tits…and sometimes that’s all you really need to do.

jessica lowndes bikinijessica lowndes bikini

jessica lowndes bikinijessica lowndes bikini


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