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Jessica Simpson Country Bikini of the Day

Jessica Simpson Cowgirl

Jessica Simpson is getting a lot of hype for her bikini pics….because I guess she’s turning 40 in a week or two, but more importantly, the breeder who has had a few litters of Simpson babies is not in her fat days….but I am sure she’ll go back to being fat…she yoyo’s like a kid with no friends…or money to buy real actual toys…

Let me tell you my personal experience with these images, you know make a produced image of Jessica Simpson modelling her own bikinis that she’s trying to sell on both her social media as well as at Walmart or wherever she makes her billions a year with her dumb fast fashion for the masses brand….

I saw them on my “news feed” not my “social media feed” because I don’t fuck with Social media….on Friday and thought about posting them over the weekend because I wasn’t doing anything to prevent me from throwing it up…but said “fuck that” to myself because you are unappreciative fucks who don’t pay me to do this shit, so you can see it your damn self on social media and you don’t need my rants about how fat Jessica Simpson has been over the years because bitch clearly likes her Texas BBQ….until Weight Watchers offers her a million dollars to get fit….

The media is hyping her photoshopped body up, but it looks like a 40 year old mom of three or four to me….maybe a 40 year old who goes to Pilates and eats meal salads at Cheesecake Factory….maybe one who wears leggings and other youthful things in public…but who is still a fucking 40 year old chick manipulating with her half nakedness…cow print to remind you of the Texan Longhorn she was just a few months ago…and probably still is because photoshop…but it’s still Jessica Simpson, the least compelling of the popstars of her era…and her big mom titties….that we need to see how they’ve stood up to time, how they hang, what’s with the bikini top bitch, let’s get a little more progressive here.

Jessica Simpson Cowgirl

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