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Jessica Szohr Got Them Tits Out of the Day

Jessica Szohr, who you don’t remember, and I don’t give a fuck about, is out here promoting products like some bottom feeding pile of shit she’s become. I wouldn’t say it started with the fake tits, but I will say that every girl has a sex worker inside her waiting to make an appearance….sometimes that gets offset with religious beliefs, parents who would be disappointed, other social pressures…sometimes it gets offset by education, other opportunities….which in Jessica Szohr’s case was acting jobs…but when things dry up, like they will with this Coronavirus….the whore floats to the surface…you can’t tie enough rocks to them to keep them down….so here’s Jessica Szohr being a whore…..which may rhyme, but I don’t know how to pronounce that immigrant name so it may not rhyme.


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