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Jodie Sweetin Meth Titties of the Day

There was a time when Jodie Sweetin was just a broken child star from Full House who filled the void after Full House was over with some solid meth addiction, you know the majority of the press she got in her 20s and maybe even part of her 30s was about how much of a fucking crackhead she was….and it made me laugh, but would have been far more impressive if she was actually toothless and filled with scabs from scratching the “bugs” off her as meth addicts do….unfortunately she was way too middle class of a meth addict….and then the whole revival thing happened and next thing you know, she’s back on FULL HOUSE….reconnecting with the fans with her ONE and ONLY character….Stephanie Tanner….

Well here are her big tits that were once impressive on her small frame, but now that she’s 40, big tits aren’t all that impressive…it means sloppy titties…still fun but oftentimes nasty…especially when they were once meth tits you could probably fuck for a baggy of meth….if anything…her recovery is a downer, she could have been a Maitland Ward.

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