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Joey King’s Crotch Grab and Cleavage of the Day

I don’t know what Joey King is promoting, but I do know that it is her time to shine as an actress, if she wasn’t already shining before, because she killed it in the show “The Act”…where she played Gypsy Rose Blanchard in what was one of the best impressions of Gypsy Rose Blanchard I’ve ever seen….not that I’ve seen any Gypsy Rose Blanchard impersonations but I did watch the documentary before watching “The Act” and it was good. Give credit where credit is due….

I don’t think she’s exceptionally hot, just substantially hotter than when she played that retard mom killer…and despite not being exceptionally hot, she’s good enough….

I do think she’s a good actor and deserves any hype she gets…not that I take any actors seriously or believe that any talent is required to be an actor…I actually think it’s a huge fucking scam…but when someone does something that I don’t find annoying, when I am always annoyed, I give credit…

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Joey King Nude Scene From “The Act”

Joey King nude

The video below features Joey King showing her bare butt while in a bath in a nude scene from the critically-acclaimed Hulu miniseries “The Act”.

Joey is certainly putting on an “act” with this naked ass flaunting… For with her shaved head and masculine first name, Joey is clearly trying to trick us virile Muslim men into thinking that she is one of our beloved bacha bazi (dancing boys) and thus gain access to our enormous meat scuds in her shitter.

Joey King bikini

Unfortunately for Joey she has the King clan’s blasphemously bulbous titties. For her and her sister Hunter (pictured below) can both be easily identified as vile female Jezebels from their busty breasts, regardless of the hairstyles they may have (though we would like to see Hunter with more of an androgynous “bob cut”).

Joey King sister

Yes, Joey King might as well put her booty away for she is never going to experience the unimaginable pleasure of having it banged by a massive Muslim manhood.