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Jojo Assumes the Position of the Day

Jojo Spread

Jojo is assuming the position, while acting like she’s innocently just laying there. We know what you’re up to Jojo, we’ve seen your transition to “has been child star that discovered social media and appealed to the old fans based on Nostalgia”… “gay icon who built off that nostalgia to perform for the gay scene, in an era where everything is gay, because gay dudes going to these kinds of things were into Jojo when she was at the top of pop culture”…..but more interestingly to “lingerie model for Rihanna who accidentally flashes her big tits on IG Live for her fan base of dudes who are following her because they liked her back when she was jailbait….and appreciate she’s growed some tits”…

So everything she does, even her cries to get people to register to vote today, is sexual and thus should be sexualized…and really any position a woman poses in could be her assuming the position, since you can figure out various ways to fuck in that position for your masturbation purposes, but this position, one I call the Sloth, or the “Magazine reader on a Sunday”….is a from behind, I can’t be bothered to look back or get on my knees to push back on you, but you can enter if you really want to, just don’t talk dirty or get too into it, because I’m trying to read my magazine”….it is one of those hot girl moves where they are just stocked on themselves and feel they are doing you a favor by letting you fuck them, so they aren’t about to put effort in, it gets in the way of lazy.

Maybe I am reading this pic all wrong.


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Jojo Underboob of the Day

Jojo Underboob

Jojo, white trash sold to the entertainment industry when she was a kid because the entertainment industry likes the poor ones, you know the living in a car types, who get a taste of money and celebrity and go fucking nuts, it’s like dating a ghetto ass girl who is used to eating KFC or McDonalds for Dinner and bringing her to a fancy restaurant, at least pre-covid….or taking someone who has never travelled on some all inclusive 5 star vacation….to them it’s like they fucking made it, like they are living that dream life, eager to snap off all the pics they can because they can’t fucking believe how great this side of the world is…you know making them easier to manipulate….

It’s the war torn Russian photo every mail order bride owner should keep, to show the wife when she gets out of hand – YOU WILL GO BACK TO THIS IF YOU DON’T BEHAVE…only the pop version…

ANYWAY, she’s gone from child star, to jailbait because of the way they marketed her, to non existent, to nostalgia brought her back….and her titties brought the fans back and now part of her hustle is producing titty content for Rihanna…in a weird circle of life situation…but not quite weird enough because it is all pretty basic…

Jojo Lingerie
Jojo Underboob


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Jojo in Some Lingerie of the Day

Jojo not Joho despite this INAPPROPRIATE at least according to me performance on her social media, I mean kids are watching…why reduce yourself to being a half naked instagram personality showing off your underwear…for clickbait…I guess the struggle to get seen is difficult, that someone who may have talent, who can sing, who had a career at a young age….needs to partner up with an underwear brand and whore it out for views. Pretty funny.

I don’t actually give a fuck, I think all girls should be naked or half naked and I encourage and appreciate it…especially when realizing that everyone is getting naked or half naked to put themselves out there….you know to be “honest” and “raw”….here’s my underwear….girls so slutty, all about the exhibitionism and attention seeking through nudity while crying about misogyny…good times!

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Jojo Doing the Splits of the Day

Jojo, who is trying to make a comeback after years of falling off despite the high level of fame she had about a decade ago, only to be forgotten, except by her core fans who she was reunited with on social media and who she has been producing content for over the last few years, content that includes her letting is on her secret fat tits, tits she flashed “accidentally” during an instagram live, because free the nipple, which in her case was a fat tit nipple….can also do the splits…I guess that’s how their parents train them when they are prepping them to be fully exploited by the entertainment industry before they turn 18 like the sick criminal fucks they are….

So here she is working on the splits!

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Jojo Back in Her Bra and Panties of the Day

Jojo Lingerie Bra Panties

I think it’s important to cross reference these pics of JOJO with her tribute to her dad:

to those who didn’t have a father figure in their life, and to those of us who’s dads are no longer in physical form- I’m sending you a little extra love. these parental holidays can bring up a lot of feelings… if I’m being honest with myself, there has been a little pit in my stomach today. i wish I had more pictures with my dad. Toward the end of his life, he wasn’t in the best condition and we didn’t take many together, nor did we get to see much of each other.

NICE! Dead dad means DADDY issues!

He apparently died at 60 of drug related causes, or at least because of drug use that destroyed his heart.

DOUBLE NICE! Drug Addict Dad means DADDY issues!

I figure it’s safe to assume that any child star is fucked up on all levels, from having moms that are supposed to protect them, throwing them into a TERRIBLE perverted industry, putting them on stage at a young age for a massive amount of people, all in the name of GETTING fucking PAID. Do it for the money, the family, live that American dream built on INSANITY that isn’t really a fucking dream, but you think it is because the MEDIA rapes your mind like it was DANNY MASTERSON….

You get what I am saying here, if COVID quarantine has taught us anything, it’s that everything you’ve ever thought to be true is not true, and moving out on land like a Wild West Gold Prospector of the 1800s after the civil war, you know some real deal Homesteading that any Red Dead Redemption players will agree with, is the fucking answer…..grow your food, hunt your food, rely on your damn self to survive…simple…but confusing how a post about Jojo in her underwear for Rihanna like she was Rihanna’s idol growing up, so Rihanna’s giving her some shine on her comeback seeing as no one really gives a fuck about Jojo even with her big tits….so look at the pics!

Jojo Lingerie Bra Panties
Jojo Lingerie Bra Panties

Jojo Lingerie Bra Panties
Jojo Lingerie Bra Panties
Jojo Lingerie Bra Panties


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Jojo Nude Video of the Day

Jojo Nude Video

Jojo has been trying to put herself back on the map for a while.

I’ve seen her comeback tour and I’ve watched her titties be used as much as they can be used while she discovered that big tits get hits and since she doesn’t maybe they’d be a help, you know since she’s the host body.


Then she flashed her full tit in a staged accident, we’ll pretend was an accident, because it could have been, it’s just convenient since she was doing the titty content prior to the titty slip, but who says convenience is a bad thing…not anyone who’s still fucking the old mop of a chick you started fucking years ago…

ANYWAY…this is her post titty flash music video in her comeback tour…that she wants to see become a hit…because hits keep them living well, and keeps her mom out of working as a maid….exciting….

Jojo Nude Video

Jojo Nude Video

Jojo Nude Video

Here she is in her bath robe

Jojo Robe TitsJojo Robe Tits


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Jojo Titty Top of the Day

Jojo Titty Top

Jojo may be chubby, but she’s the right kind of chubby, in that she’s got these massive fat girl tits, while the rest of her isn’t overly fat, in a she stores her fat where it counts, at least in terms of being able to resort to her fat to monetize or market herself, because it lives in her bra top…..and not in a big sloppy belly…

The Jojo fans, her core fans, probably don’t even care that she has tits since they joined her fanclub when she was underage on TV and hadn’t hit puberty yet, you know all that pressure to be famous and to finance her and her mom’s white trash existence so that the mom didn’t have to go back to being a cleaning lady comes with a lot of responsibility that makes her period tap out. Just ask Michelle Trachtenberg, she only got her period at 20 something for the same reason. How do I know that info? Just ask Michelle Trachtenberg.

Anwyway, but tits, jiggling, this is the content we want, we deserve, we need in these quarantine times as Jojo continues her attempt at a comeback…she’s still got a ways to go but she’ll get there because she’s got the right tools.

Jojo Titty TopJojo Titty Top


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