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Jojo Snake Print Lingerie of the Day

Jojo Lingerie

JoJo has taken a great new direction with her career that most people forgot she ever had because new jailbait sold to the industry turned 18 and replaced her tom boy ass, becaue my memory of her was that of a tom boy that got far too much praise from the desperate loser nerds.

That new direction is get as slutty as possible because it converts because being a half naked on the internet is what the internet is about and for an attention whore trying to relive the glory days of when celebrity mattered, it’s the best route to take, especially when you got the tits like Jojo….

If anything the fact that she’s Jojo, is just a bonus marketing hook, the same way having a celebrity parent is, for the nudie shit they post on social media, you know to give it more reach….but I can assure you that no one is sitting here waiting for Jojo to drop a new song, they’re here waiting for her to drop her damn top again…she flashed us on an IG live, it was obviously intentional, I’d link it but that takes work….

So when she realized that it was time to use her big tits to get likes and follows, pretty pretty basic tactics, but one that doesn’t come so quickly to people who think they are legit and who were taught that was slutty and low level tactics, she got better.

Even Rihanna, who may have grown up watching her on the oil drum TV she had in her shanty, only to give back to the girl and make a lingerie model out of here….because that’s what Jojo is up to here….promoting Rihanna’s lingerie brand…while promoting her big tits….and from this thirsty angle…she’s looking good.

Jojo LingerieJojo Lingerie

Jojo LingerieJojo Lingerie


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Jojo in Some Lingerie of the Day

Jojo not Joho despite this INAPPROPRIATE at least according to me performance on her social media, I mean kids are watching…why reduce yourself to being a half naked instagram personality showing off your underwear…for clickbait…I guess the struggle to get seen is difficult, that someone who may have talent, who can sing, who had a career at a young age….needs to partner up with an underwear brand and whore it out for views. Pretty funny.

I don’t actually give a fuck, I think all girls should be naked or half naked and I encourage and appreciate it…especially when realizing that everyone is getting naked or half naked to put themselves out there….you know to be “honest” and “raw”….here’s my underwear….girls so slutty, all about the exhibitionism and attention seeking through nudity while crying about misogyny…good times!

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Jojo Doing the Splits of the Day

Jojo, who is trying to make a comeback after years of falling off despite the high level of fame she had about a decade ago, only to be forgotten, except by her core fans who she was reunited with on social media and who she has been producing content for over the last few years, content that includes her letting is on her secret fat tits, tits she flashed “accidentally” during an instagram live, because free the nipple, which in her case was a fat tit nipple….can also do the splits…I guess that’s how their parents train them when they are prepping them to be fully exploited by the entertainment industry before they turn 18 like the sick criminal fucks they are….

So here she is working on the splits!

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Jojo Nude and Wet of the Day

Jojo Nude Video

Jojo Nude Video

Jojo Nude Video

Jojo made a song about your penis called “SMALL THINGS”….because I guess she’s comfortably built up that audience after abandoning celebrity for half a decade back when she was 18….only to come crawling back to ride off her fame, or “notoriety” knowing that nostalgia is in and that all her fans will still be around for her nonsense…especially the gay ones.

So along with flashing her tits on instagram, like full tits on instagram, because she’s got big tits, she’s also filmed a video for one of her songs and it’s a very shit song…but a reminder that you don’t need real talent these days to get paid….

The video features a strategically naked JOJO, but more importantly it’s got some back-up dancer nipple in her sheer bra, probably a FENTY bra because Jojo’s one of their ambassadors…using those titties from all angles I guess.


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JoJo Promoting Rihanna’s Lingerie of the Day

Jojo, who you may remember as the child star jailbait that wasn’t all that hot about 15 years ago, who has made a slow and steady comeback, in part due to her tits, that she’s flashed to her IG fans at least once because it was a quicker and easier and low effort way to get people to remember her, at least people who aren’t the gay followers she’s got, you know sexualize her like you used to, she grew some tits motherfucker…

She’s out here promoting Rihanna’s panty line as one of Rihanna’s hired ambassadors because I guess Rihanna grew up on JOJO when she had that American dream and was smuggled into the country by Jay Z when she was underage….creepy.

I guess Jojo felt it was time to move on from her Black Lives Matter posts and go into this, because where do you draw the line and stop pretending you care, and when do you go back to selfies. It must be stressful for public figures trying to naviagate that nonsense….and clearly Jojo feels she’s done her part for the black people, in part because of her last two weeks of posts but also because back when she fell out of celebrity she was dating some black cock.

I wonder if Rihanna’s promotion counts as Black Lives Matter, since Rihanna of all people descends from Caribbean Sugar Plantation slaves, some slave sympathy or maybe it’s just that Jojo has paid obligations that override posting black people she knows and I guess we don’t need to analyze it, just try to understand why you can see her pussy tattoo and not her pussy lip…

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Jojo See Through Panties of the Day

Jojo See Through Panties

Jojo is hiding the pussy! She cropped her pussy out of her sheer panties because she’s not that kind of girl. I wonder where she decided to make the crop, what kind of logic when into that. Was it where the bush ended or where the lips ended and will we ever know…probably not.

What we do know is that being cast to be in FENTY’s lingerie because she’s Rihanna and that’s high profile, even though Rihanna was probably jacking off to JOJO when JOJO was at her peak, making more of a trip for Rihanna than for Jojo, has made JOJO feel relevant again…I mean she was starting to get bold flashing tits on instagram, sowing of that she had big tits and all of that…but this is that validation stamp of approval she craved…

So give Jojo what she wants and ask her for the uncropped version, no lips, no fun, get the fuck out of here, just ask anyone who has tried to fuck a Barbie doll who ended up only being able to shove it up their ass….you know it’s. still sex, just a different kind of sex….a shittier kind if you will.

Jojo See Through Panties
Jojo See Through Panties
Jojo See Through Panties


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Jojo Airbrushed Nipples of the Day

Jojo rihanna savage fenty lingerie

Jojo is working it as hard as she can in her attempt to revitalize her career because these motherfuckers need to get paid….

My theory is that they are from an era when you had to do some crazy, maybe even criminal things to get famous. Her mom was a single mom who worked as a housecleaner, there’s nothing wrong with that, it is honest work…but bringing her kid to LA to become a successful child star, is probbaly the dirtiest work she’s done.

I am against child stars and the parents who sell them to an industry, there’s a reason they are all nuts….so I don’t remember Jojo’s early years, I’ve just seen her in recent years working on her comeback, leveraging that early fame….but really only making moves when showing off her big sloppy tits we had no idea she had since her fame happened when she was basically pre-pubescent….while now she’s all woman.

I guess Rihanna is a fan of Jojo, maybe she grew up on her back in Barbados and things have come full circle where Rihanna has the fame Jojo could have possibly had, but Rihanna can use that fame to bring Jojo Back in panties….as her boss, a power move…

So here’s the result of that…photoshopped…tits perky…not bad.

Jojo rihanna savage fenty lingerie

Jojo rihanna savage fenty lingerie
Jojo rihanna savage fenty lingerie

Here is her ass in leggings
Jojo Booty


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Jojo Nude Video of the Day

Jojo Nude Video

Jojo has been trying to put herself back on the map for a while.

I’ve seen her comeback tour and I’ve watched her titties be used as much as they can be used while she discovered that big tits get hits and since she doesn’t maybe they’d be a help, you know since she’s the host body.


Then she flashed her full tit in a staged accident, we’ll pretend was an accident, because it could have been, it’s just convenient since she was doing the titty content prior to the titty slip, but who says convenience is a bad thing…not anyone who’s still fucking the old mop of a chick you started fucking years ago…

ANYWAY…this is her post titty flash music video in her comeback tour…that she wants to see become a hit…because hits keep them living well, and keeps her mom out of working as a maid….exciting….

Jojo Nude Video

Jojo Nude Video

Jojo Nude Video

Here she is in her bath robe

Jojo Robe TitsJojo Robe Tits


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Jojo’s Slutty Panty Flash of the Day

Jojo posted a panty selfie in front of her mirror to show off the bottom of her big titty bra, but more importantly, her pussy in a pair of panties.

I wonder (barely) what goes through a girl’s mind when she does pics like this for her social media.

It’s like is she taking the selfie for a dude she wants to fuck or a dude she does fuck, where she thinks she looks hot enough to put it to the instagram.

Or is it more tactical, like the more nude I get, the more followers I get and the more followers I get the more I matter…so post the fucking panties…

Or is it a “we’re such best friends followers, that I’ll let you in the bathroom in me like we were dating or family”….because ultimately there is not big deal to post a panty selfie…but it’s still weird to me.

Obviously, whatever it is, it is for feedback, it’s for hype, it is to sexualize herself, for you to sexualize her, I mean look at that pose, that’s not a “Oops I just got walked in on”…it’s more a “PEEL THESE OFF ME AND BURY YOUR FACE IN ME but first listen to my music and remember that Jojo is fucking here for real this time”….

Either way, it looks good!

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