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Julia Majewska Eating Ice Cream of the Days

I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but it’s JULY and JULY is for Ice Cream eating….

I haven’t left the house in about 14 years so I don’t know if people are still doing the ice cream thing, you know since it isn’t vegan, since it is full of sugar, since it involves leaving the house….

I do know that ice cream eating is one of the most inappropriate things that a motherfucker can eat….it’s such an inappropriate act that a dude can’t eat ice cream because you look like a faggot or at least become appeal to faggots with every provocative lick to the ice cream cone…but when ladies get on that…it makes everyday life a fucking deep throat cream dripping off face and tongues porn….

This naughty ice cream eater is named Julia Majewska

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