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Kaia Gerber Slutty Photoshoot of the Day

Kaia Gerber Vogue Japan

Kaia Gerber is Cindy Crawford’s slutty and confused rich as shit daughter who was groomed to be a “top” model, whatever the fuck that means, pretty much nothing in this world of Jenners and Hadids being the top models and influencing all the other girls to get fucked up face injections to fake being hot, because they aren’t actually hot….

Basically, to be a top model means you need to have at least one celebrity parent, to be raised in Hollywood so that your moral code is fucked up and that whoring yourself out while being praised by an audience is normal….it helps if your model was a model…especially if your mom was Cindy Crawford…who you know crafted this whole thing while she was starving Kaia out as she grew up to ENSURE the family legacy will go on…a legacy of being a star in a shitty fucking drug filled garbage predator run industry…BIG dreams for your girl…you know at least she gets to travel the world for free and stay in 8 star hotels….even though she can do that anyway with daddy’s Tequila money….while still producing porn on her social media feed for the likes and follows they clearly crave….

It doesn’t make sense to me why a mom would want her daughter sprawled out naked, “BUT IT IS VOUGE”….when I don’t even thinK Cindy Crawford sprawled out naked for anythign and she came from the middle class…how edgy in this era of everyone who is anyone starts out rich…

I am not complaining that they created a little whore who gets naked like every other girl naked on the internet, as they pretend to teach her work ethic while everything is just handed to her, because I’ll stare at a naked Kaia Gerber, why not….

I am just saying, it’s pretty shitty parenting….Cindy Crawford should be ashamed of herself, but eventually it will all hit the fan and end because this kind of thing isn’t sustainable, and as she tries to please her overbearing mom, she’ll eventually rebel and do porn or some shit, it’s more lucrative to have an Onlyfans you know…

I don’t know why her nipples are stars, but I guess it has to do with trying to not be porn, while being porn, because tits get hits and everything is basically a giant jerk off factory….

Kaia Gerber Vogue Japan

Kaia Gerber Vogue Japan
Kaia Gerber Vogue Japan


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Cara Delevingne is Fucking Kaia Gerber of the Day

Kaia Gerber Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne is some evil predator as far as I’m concerned and she’s taken a liking to babysitting Kaia Gerber, in part because lesbians can groom young girls as well as dudes can, just ask Ellen and her Wayfair pillow, but also because Cara Delevingne was an overhyped media scam that made no sense and eating the soul of the younger “it-girls”…is just what they do…Illuminati shit.

I don’t know what these idiots are up to or what they are protesting, I just know that Cara Delevingne is a fucking creep and not even a hot creep which is really the big mystery in all of this, like how did such a pile of shit become a “top model”….LIES man…that’s how….it’s all just bullshit.

Anyway, if you or someone you know knows Kaia Gerber, send her a text and make sure she’s not a victim of a sexual predator….because based on her brother’s insanity that you can google, they were obviously raised in a fucking weird setting amongst weird people, with a mom who who stage parented them hard….even though she’s Cindy Crawford…

PS….these idiots don’t care about any political, social or meaningful activism, it’s all for ego, bullshit, media coverage…so don’t believe ANYTHING a celebrity has to say, they are fucking definition…they are fucking puppets.

Kaia Gerber Cara Delevingne
Kaia Gerber Cara Delevingne

Kaia looking bored with her hand up for justice
Kaia Gerber Cara Delevingne

And then Margaret Qualley was all like “but I thought I was your boyfriend”

Kaia Gerber Cara Delevingne Margaret Qualley
Kaia Gerber Cara Delevingne Margaret Qualley



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Kaia Gerber Flashing Her Nipple on the Runway

Kaia Gerber see-through pictures from the runway at the Valentino Spring/Summer 2020 fashion show in Paris, 09/29/2019. Gotta love them suckable nipples! Please enjoy looking at them in HQ.

Kaia Gerber Booty in Leggings of the Day

Kaia Gerber is Cindy Crawford’s daughter, who has been groomed by her mother and their lifestyle in Malibu, to carry on the family torch, or would it be model body, because that’s what they have lined up for her, because celebrity parents were drawn to the light that is celebrity, the glitz and the glam, the self importance with their fans and all that other shit, so they come from a place of being HYPED on the whole celebrity thing, at a level where they want their kids in on the same experiences, but not for money, just for clout, because it’s easy and it feels good when the world celebrates you….

I guess the celeb parents of Malibu are all competitive also, so when they see the ugly Bella Hadid who someone said yesterday looked like a ROBOT, where I’m more into a tranny sex worker, who is RUNNING the model thing, is seen as a top model, is buying 6 million dollar apartments, all while looking like some fucking Palestinian man milking his camel….it gives people like Cindy Crawford hope that since she was a top model, her connections will embrace her daughter as being a trained top model, following in momma’s footsteps, only her daughter actually looks like a potential model…

That’s not to say she’s not a terrible, entitled, white person….we don’t care about any of that, we just care if they look good and Kaia looks good…anything to take the hype from the Hadids and the Jenners is a good thing to endorse to me!

To See The Rest of the Pics CLICK HERE

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Kaia Gerber Cleavage of the Day

Kaia Gerber Cleavage

Kaia Gerber, or what you may like to call Cindy Crawford’s pet project, her clone, abused child forced into luxury fashion work at the age of 15 like some kind of modern day, rich person slave that no one realizes is a slave…because they are distracted by the luxury fashion world…and the multiple houses, the celeb connections, glamour, money…all the important stuff, but if we can learn anything from Britney Spears it is that you can be abducted in plain site…but girl is still a fucking slave, not a sex slave, or one of the sweatshop workers making the luxury fashion or working the garden / pool / kitchen of the luxury homes….so it is hard to really see her as a slave.but her mom’s type A, over achieving personality probably haunts this bitch, her “do you really need that apple” keeping her skinny, the trainers…it’s abuse man….just abuse we have no sympathy for!

Instead we look at her young body!

Kaia Gerber Cleavage
Kaia Gerber Cleavage

Kaia Gerber Cleavage

Kaia Gerber Cleavage
Kaia Gerber Cleavage
Kaia Gerber Cleavage
Kaia Gerber Cleavage
Kaia Gerber Cleavage



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Kaia Gerber Bikini of the Day

Kaia Gerber Bikini

Kaia Gerber took a minute away from her home schooled because her parents wanted her to be a vapid coked up model in the fashion industry like her momma. It’s just so luxurious…

Plus it allows narcissistic mom to live vicariously through her daughter since she’s 100 fucking years old and tapped out of her Model life, instead living in one of her many malibu mansions, with her husband who made too much selling his alcohol company he had with Clooney.

This brat wants you to think she’s smart….as she posts her self being a whore in a bikini that is to inspire dudes to jerk off and not reaffirm her fashionable position. This is smut. This is not fashion.

So as she struggles to read her Marguerite Duras – who was one of France’s most important and prolific writers. Born Marguerite Donnadieu in 1914 in what was then French Indochina, she went to Paris in 1931 to study at the Sorbonne. During WWII she was active in the Resistance, and in 1945 she joined the Communist Party. Duras wrote many novels, plays, films, and essays during her lifetime. She is perhaps best known for her internationally bestselling novel The Lover, which won the Prix Goncourt in 1984. She died in Paris in 1996.

She takes that ADD (this is boring) minute to shoot some bikini selfies, because she knows, like all girls know, that’s all that fucking matters.

She is 18, still very young, but already set for life…so anything she does is really just filling time until impending death. To assume she would have substance or do something meaningful is wishful thinking at best, when all you really need to do to get the likes, since you don’t need the money, is pose like a whore who has fucked Pete Davidson in a bikini.

She looks good though, it’s just a waste of a life, she has every resource to do good, but instead does “modeling”…at least it looks good though.

Kaia Gerber Bikini
Here she is being slutty on ZOOM

Kaia Gerber Facetime Slutty
Kaia Gerber Facetime Slutty

Here she is braless in West Hollywood for EASTER with her dad…because if you have an 18 year old daughter…having her chilling braless in a tank top is what you want for her…



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Hollywood Lesbians Try to Leech Off Young Kaia in these Hard Times of the Day

I don’t know if this is a SUCK ON HER PUSSY that is now TRENDING on the internet like they both once did, in efforts to steal her soul, so that they are TRENDING too….

Or if it is just some sick fetish these lesbian perverts have, as young relevant pussy probably tastes better to fame whores, than irrelevant old pussy.

Maybe they are just being bored rich LA based idiots who know they can get some paparazzi couverage riding the coatails of the young and relevant girl.

Or maybe they are all damaged idiots who can’t quarantine alone, because they are never alone, so they all “HUNKER” down in their big spacious houses together so that the quarantine is fun….and when things get desperate or boring they can always rape the young one.

Either way, Ashley Benson and Cara Delevigne are fucking predators and their social distancing is fucking shit….let’s hope in all this Coronavirus hype – at least some of this trash dies off…but it won’t because they are rich…I mean just the groceries they got at trendy EREWOHN probably cost 5k.

NOT TO MENTION…they have staff, assistants, etc to do this for them…so it’s clearly a “Look at me” situation. More reason to hate ALL these garbage cunts…


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Kaia Gerber – Skinny in Leggings of the Day

The best thing about Kaia Gerber is that you know that she was raised in such a fucked up household and that there is nothing normal about her.

There is a reason her brother is getting face tattoos and losing his fucking mind while pretending to be some kind of white boy rich kid gangster and that is because they are entitled little twats from Malibu with rich parents and a famous hot mom…

She was thrown into this model worried while underage, in what she probably thinks was her idea, her passions, but that her mom was like “let’s live out my life one more time by proxy via my hot daughter”…..narcissism is a weird thing…

The funniest thing about it is that anyone who uses her in anything is basically trying to make her out to be Cindy, her mom. She’s Cindy 2.0, and that won’t end too well for someone trying to find her own way. They always dress her 90s and it’s almost a novelty act, or even a freak show put her in an aquarium and dress her like her mom for the fans act. It will end bad.

So as she goes through life in the public eye at 18, after already being hyped up for at least 2-3 years, you know that her experience with modelling with be much differen than her moms, since the road has been paved for her, and since she’s an entitled cunt rich kid…

I just don’t think it will end well, but at least this rich kid isn’t a troll like the Hadids who have had all the hype in the fashion world until this point….but she’s still likely very shitty.

This is her small ass in leggings because she’s 18 and probably not allowed to eat.

Weird. Living that dream….even though she’s got a trust fund and can just live out being left the fuck alone off the internet and public eye….which sounds more fun to me but I am a hermit.

Here’s her face…

According to Vogue, that are paid to hype her up, here’s 5 things you didn’t know about her and probably don’t care to know about her:

1. she likes tattoos.
2.she finished high school online.
3. she can’t sing.
4. she is a self proclaimed 40 year old in a girl’s body. Sure.
5. she’s not afraid to borrow from boys..

THis is the kind of smut the media puts out there…what the fuck.


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Kaia Gerber Nipple for Fashion of the Day

I am the first person to celebrate the nipple. I am from an old school internet where obviously we had access to porno, but no tits ever made it into the mainstream media. Unless it was fashion magazines or fashion shoots or scenes in a movie or the occassional HBO show…tits were just kept off the sites.

So I came in saying “fuck I like nudity and hate hypocrisy of the mainstream perverts” and said fuck it and posted any nudes I found that weren’t porno, but were from pop culture….I get labeled a porn site, I get no advertisers, I keep the site up because I have nothing else to do….then EVERY site including Facebook decide “tits are cool, let’s all post tits”….so being this leader, revolutionary of the titty movement, I have some resentment that I am still considered a porn site, while Kaia Gerber and these girls and EVERY other site are posting the tits.

So as Kaia, the now 18 year old with her full tit out, as she follows her mom’s model instructions in being a whore for fashion, because her mom thinks it’s a respectable job, a good place for kids to be, fun and full of luxury travel, despite being a rich kid who could be doing ANYTHING else, but the ego won’t let her, the ego needs her to have hype, media attention and followers….and I’m sure she’s loving it, girls like attention, but it all seems so dumb to me.

I’d be off grid at one of the family mansions in one of the beautiful settings of their family mansions chilling. Maybe I’d pretend to be doing something important like writing a book, without writing the book, so mom and dad keep the money coming in…but I sure as hell wouldn’t be out there getting CORONA VIRUS with my tits out.

Not that I’m against her nips….they are nips…Cindy Crawford nips that have at one point brushed against Cindy Crawford’s cunt….

I just think her career is silly, egotistical, even disgusting. You had one model in the family, leave at that GERBER.

Not to mention the last name GERBER…

Sounds like some green ship my dick coughed up after a night with a street whore…



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