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MILF Kate Beckinsale is Shameless on Instagram

Kate Beckinsale’s sexiest pictures from Instagram (August-November 2019). She comes off as way too eager, to be honest with you. Please enjoy looking at these photos in high quality, though.

Kate Beckinsale Trying to Stay Young Via her Pussy of the Day

Kate Beckinsale loves to fuck the youth out of young dudes to appease her ridiculous sex drive or at least to get their cum inside her….for all the hormones they have….because she’s consistently fucking a different dude under the age of 25…

I’ve heard stories that a 45 year old woman has the sex drive of a 20 year old dude, because they start to get all those male hormones at 45 thanks to menopause…which is not that hot as a concept…the transgendering of women over 45 by nature…but when they look like Kate Beckinsale, you’d be fine with a little moustache or facial hair…to have her rock the fuck out of your dick….just bouncing off of it with all her years of experience…because she’s fit….and doesn’t look 45.

I don’t know if I envy the 22 year olds fucking some old slag, it’s a fetish, but if you’re popular enough to fuck Kate Beckinsale’s mom pussy, I am sure you can find hotter and younger pussy….that fucks just as good because they were raised on porn.

I mean this dude is supposed to be some trending famous person who doesn’t need to be fucking Kate Beckinsale, he is probably into it cuz she’s a mom….it’s part of the allure.

Or maybe as he pretends to be PUNK in his Operation IVY shirt like it was the mid 90s….who’s even still printing Operation Ivy T-Shirts and is Tim Armstrong getting paid on it….But who can’t be PUNK when he’s carrying his EREWHON…the trendy and expensive health store of LA for the stars..

I mean maybe that’s why he’s into Kate Beckinsale…I did a quick google and he has a song with Blink 182…now he’s in an Op Ivy shirt…it’s like he’s truing to relive 1997….back when Kate was in her 20s….so they may have a lot in common and she tries to steal his youth through her cunt.

Either way, hot mom fetish….


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Kate Beckinsale Fucks Herself of the Day

Kate Beckinsale Fucks Herself

Kate Beckinsale Fucks Herself

In Kate Beckinsale news for all you Kate Beckinsale fan-boy weirdos who can’t believe she still looks as good as you remember her looking the first time you came yourself watching her in a movie as you do. No Hands motherfucker, you’re just that fucking pathetic in your perversion and virginity….

I guess she’s pretending to be in quarantine as the elite pretend to do despite still socializing….

In quarantine she worked out in some skimpy outfit no mom of a 20 year old should probably wear…but that this mom of a 20 year old car wear because for whatever reason she looks better than most 20 year olds.

It may not make sense, but in these times…pretty much NOTHING makes sense.

Kate Beckinsale Panty Flash
Kate Beckinsale Panty Flash
Kate Beckinsale Panty Flash


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Kate Beckinsale Bikini of the Day

Kate Beckinsale Bikini

Looks like Kate Beckinsale’s on the Elizabeth Hurley bikini plan. Never too old to turn to your fan base of loser dudes who like Vampire Movies from the late 90s, to give you that validation that keeps you from gorging on cake, quitting the fitness and the cocaine, or whatever other hormones she’s on, like a 40+ mom on reddit ready to reveal her fake tits, to get some positive feedback so that her husband can see her as a hot piece again…before connecting with reddit dudes he shares dick pics with…before going full cuck….before going full homo….it all starts with a 50 year old mom wife trying to feel hot….Kate Beckinsale is just the hollywood version of that.


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Kate Beckinsale’s 40+ Year Old Ass of the Day

Kate Beckinsale is here acting like 47 year olds are the new freshly turned 18 school girl discovering herself, when really it’s justa 47 year old, that has the same 47 year old pussy that has had 47 years of use, and that is not the “new 18″….even if it looks pretty skinny.

There’s not arguing that Kate Beckinsale is hot and that she looks amazing for her age, but she’s still old as shit, even if old as shit doesn’t look like the 40+ fetish mags we used to steal from the corner store in the early 90s because the store owner didn’t give a fuck if they went missing since no one was weird enough to be buying them.

But she’s still 47. Skinny yes…but 47.

As far as I’m concerned, along with being used as a fantasy to her weirdo nerd fans, her only other use is to make other 40 year olds and even 30 year olds feel like fucking shit about themselves, makes them easier to fuck…and maybe some 20 year olds feel like there is hope that they will be this good at 47 too….committing to a life of staying skinny….but 20 year olds are made different now and all about the fat.

Either way, mom of an 18 year old in slutty fitness pants holding her skinny ass all together should be enough to tap into your fucking weirdness, to help you visualize and live out all the fucking perv shit you’re into…cuz I know ya’ll are weird.

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Kate Beckinsale Candid Bikini Pics With Her New Boy Toy

Kate Beckinsale bikini boyfriend

Kate Beckinsale shows off her latest boy toy while wearing a bikini in the candid vacation photos below.


Kate Beckinsale Kate Beckinsale Kate Beckinsale
Kate Beckinsale Kate Beckinsale Kate Beckinsale
Kate Beckinsale Kate Beckinsale Kate Beckinsale
Kate Beckinsale Kate Beckinsale Kate Beckinsale

Reportedly Kate’s new love interest is one Lazlo Mortimer, and as you can see from these photos, Lazlo is considerably more masculine and handsome than Kate’s last boyfriend the flaming homofag fish-faced “comedian” Pete Davidson.

According to sources Lazlo is a self-described “entrepreneur” who runs a cat grooming business out of his Brooklyn studio apartment. Of course with Kate’s penchant for “bad boys” it should come as no surprise that Lazlo does have a criminal record, as he was arrested back in 2005 for petty larceny after he was caught stealing the toe clippings from his neighbor’s bathroom waste basket.

For her part Kate couldn’t be happier with her new love interest in the bedroom, confiding in friends that Lazlo is a “spinner” with an insatiable spanking fetish… Although her hands are beginning to get quite sore.

Kate Beckinsale Bikini Pics And Doggy Sex Tape

Kate Beckinsale bikini sexy

Kate Beckinsale brazenly bares her long legs and tight tummy in the bikini photos above and below.

Kate Beckinsale bikini sexy

As we all know, Kate is quite proud of her toned midsection, and she enjoys showing off how “fit” she is.

Of course Kate is completely delusional about her stomach being impressive, as well as far too dumb to realize that the exercise she is doing in the video above is working her hip flexors and not her abs… So it is no wonder that Kate lacks the washboard six pack our beloved pious Musliminas develop from pulling the plow and taking punches to the gut when their chores are not finished on time.

Sadly Kate is as lacking in self-awareness as she is in morality, as she stuffs some Snausages up her snatch and forces a dog to go to town on her stinking sex box in the video above. Of course even this mangy mutt knows better than to stick his red rocket in Kate’s no doubt diseased dick cave, and he instead opts to hump her leg (much to Kate’s frustration).

Kate Beckinsale Cleaning Her Pussy

Kate Beckinsale sexy

Kate Beckinsale was caught on camera on her hands and knees creepily cleaning her pussy in the disturbing video clip below.

What sort of a deranged lunatic does this to cat, let alone continuously walks around with yoga pants on in 6 inch high heels?

Kate Beckinsale yoga pants heels

At this point there is certainly no denying that Kate Beckinsale is one completely insane slut… Not only because of her pathetically desperate attempts at trying to remain “sexy” at her elderly age, but also because of the weirdo teen boys she keeps luring into her banged out cock box.

Kate Beckinsale legs

Of course a lot of depraved divorcees in the infidel West try to behave this way, but Kate is one of the very few who is actually effective at it… Which certainly makes her blasphemous behavior all the more unsettling.