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Kate Bock In a Bikini of the Day

Kate Bock Long Torso is all I’ve gotta say about this model who used sports illustrated swim as a dating service or an escort agency to be sold off to the highest bidding pro athlete who she was thrown into the mix with because they’d all attend the same events…the Sports Illustrated model and the Sports Illustrated athlete….

The long torso, for the record, is not a deal breaker in terms of her hotness, because being a skinny bikini model overrides her deformities or genetic imperfections…since we live in a world where fat trannies are stealing the bikini model jobs….let’s give hype where hype is deserved….

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Kate Bock Sleazy Photoshoot of the Day

Kate Bock is a Canadian girl from a rich as fuck part of Canada called West Vancouver, that is also known as the place where Shay Mitchell’s rich parents paid for her to become an actress.

In being a rich kid, like Kate Upton before her, it was very easy for her to follow her dreams and become a “model” who probably never made all that much money but enough to exist outside of Canada….traitor….

If you want to hear creepy – she was discovered 12 at a local swimming pool…..because the model industry is for predators who groom young girls with dreams of being jerked off to by many.

She’s 32 now, old as fuck, but for some reason finally tying to make a name for herself, doing that Publicity Tour in the form of a half nude shoot that has the nipples photoshopped out…UNLESS SHE DOESN’T have nipples….

They also say she modelled for Victoria’s Secret, owned by another creeper, maybe the guy who found her at the pool at 12…..but she’s best known as the unpaid Sports Illustrated swim from 2013-2019…6 years of bikini photoshoots to feel relevant…because people still think SI SWIM is relevant…for some press….and to get a fast track to athlete dick…since SI SWIM is basically the brothel for athletes….

Her boyfriend, as I expected… NBA player named Kevin Love….all this shit is so repetitive…same story, different aged pussy.

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