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Kate Middleton is the Hotter Princess in the Beauty Contest of the Day

Kate Middleton wins the hot Prince’s Wife beauty pageant in my head, and she’s not even dressed half naked, provocatively. She’s fully fucking covered. Maybe I just hate Meghan Markle. Maybe I just like her skinny mom body.

She may not be a Deal or no Deal model holding a briefcase for Howie’s dumb fucking show. She may not be a celebrated(working) actress no one ever heard of before she started dating a Prince.

She not be a full on bottom feeder who pretends that she’s important, as bottom feeders do. because no one likes to admit they are shitty humans. No one likes to admit that they are having sex for money or opportunity. No one likes to think of themselves as calculating sex workers. But every step of the way is calculated. Like how she’s not out removed herself from the stuffy tradition of the Royal Family, she grew up on Hollywood movies, her narcisssm makes her crave that, the Royals she has no respect for, is just a good status symbol to put on her bio page next to her head shot, as she tries to have a superstar career at 40, becuase she’s pushing 40. This had to be done, and it got done, and she’s manipulating, because at 40…bitch is ruthless…but enough about Markle….this is about her sister-in-law Kate.

Who has been nothing but classy, doing good, while looking good. I’m not a Royal fanatic, but there’s being a princess the right way, and there is being a princess like being a sugar baby on a private jet way…and I think we know who has mastered which princess they are. Fuck Meghan Markle, who isn’t even America’s sweetheart after marrying the Prince….hello Kate Middleton who understands that being a Royal isn’t a tactic to get a Tv Hosting gig, or a model contract. Leave it up to the trashcan American with her McMansion princess dreams….

I have no idea why I just posted this. A hate for Markle the obvious in her intentions – black(ish) widow maybe…

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