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Kate Moss Showing Her Beautiful Breasts on the Set

“Topless” Kate Moss pictures from the set of the latest Dior Menswear shoot in Miami, 12/04/2019. The hat is dumb, but her breasts are awesome. Enjoy the pictures, stay tuned for more, etc.

Kate Moss Wears a Mask As You’d Expect Her To of the Day

Kate Moss Mask Smoking

Kate Moss is a legend as far as I’m concerned and I guess as far as a bunch of queer dudes who wear Kate Moss T-shirts still are concerned, because her skinny “heroin chic” body was influential in the 90s when she first started….

She’s been an interesting model to watch, in part because she’s hot, but also because she had some “fuck off cunt” attitude that was a little rock and roll, but that also involved her being nude or topless all the time…

So from fucking Johnny Depp, to Pete Doherty…to basically being a walking, chain smoking, coked up, representation of what the fashion industry really is, she’s good….

Seeing her in a mask, pulling down a mask for a smoke, is just perfect behavior for her in these covid times.

She does mask wearing right!

Kate Moss Mask Smoking

Kate Moss Mask Smoking


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Kate Moss on the Beach of the Day

Kate Moss may be old as shit, but she’s also an iconic 90s slut who consistently had her skinny tits out, when not doing cocaine at parties and in video, where she basically got caught doing coke and was like whatever, in a time when that wasn’t the thing to do, even if everyone was doing coke, because people are a bunch of pussies…

I know what you’re thinking and that is that the best thing about Kate Moss is Pete Doherty, that dude was great and also what possibly gave her AIDS, making me think she was the first person cured of AIDS in the UK that I read about in the news, when you were all reading and protesting the Coronavirus.

I assume this was shot months ago, as these things are typically done, so no need to worry that her compromised immune system from all the good times of being Kate Moss will end in Corona death.

I know you can’t even see her full old lady tits, so what’s the fucking point, but to that I say, what is the point of anything….

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