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Katy Perry Pregnant and in a Bathing Suit of the Day

I’ve assumed Katy Perry was pregnant her entire career, because she’s one sloppy bitch, but seeing her actually pregnant is pretty fucking vile, because now that pile of slop has a valid excuse for her sloppy, taking loads up inside her, but more importantly, there’s a fucking child growing inside her.

Never have I wished we were in the 1800s as much as I do here today, because the chances of her dying in child birth are slim to fucking none….

So we will be exposed to more of her shitty, like REAL fucking shitty pop music and awkward dancing that NO ONE likes, yet it still exists….only we’ll know her genetic line has continued.

Orlando Bloom should be fucking ashamed of himself, this is that fat girl one night stand regret that just got worse because you knocked her up that drunken night you found her at the pizza spot after the club…and now you gotta continue talking to her because you have a kid together until the end of fucking time….forever a reminder of how your boner gets you in trouble when available pussy is available…probably how someone with herpes feels every time a scab pops up…like “why didn’t I jack off”.

What I am trying to say is that this is the fucking worst…and that Orlando Bloom’s memoir will forever be “From Miranda Kerr to Dog Shit Real Fast”…..

Katy Pery the scam of the 2000s still scamming…


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Katy Perry Pregnant Swimsuit of the Day

Katy Perry Pregnant Swimsuit

Since COVID isn’t bad enough, here’s a little more shitty news to ruin your day, it’s Katy Perry in a bathing suit looking exactly how I’ve always seen that sloppy mom bodied bitch who has tried to be hot, or compelling, but was really just proof of the power of marketing…because nothing she ever did felt top quality or deserving, if anything she always seemed like an out of place talentless hack who didn’t belong…you know a imposter syndrome to egotistical and rich from her scam to know she’s an imposter…and the crazy thing in all this is that Orlando Bloom, her gay sperm donor that helped her become this beast she’s always been previously knocked up a fucking Victoria’s Secret model…it kind of tells you where his career went as Miranda Kerr moved on to Billionaires who created SNAP, and he went onto famous bottom feeders who ran a scam….garbage…as fuck.

Katy Perry Pregnant Swimsuit


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Katy Perry Unfortunately Not Miscarrying of the Day

The fact that Orlando Bloom fucks Katy Perry is enough proof to me that he’s a homo. The kind of closet case, who possibly due to religion can’t come out of the closet, but who can find a beard like Katy Perry, who is always on the road, so he doesn’t need to deal with how intolerable she must be….because if she’s anything like her music…she’s really fucking intolerable.

I call that the #metoo of music, this bitch has raped my ears like they were Corey Haim and she was Charlie Sheen. HIV.

Which is why the idea of her reproducing, is the same as the idea of homeless women reproducing, which is that not everyone should reproduce.

We can only hope that this dancing around leads to a miscarriage, since she’s too old for another abortion, breeders and their breeding….

I know what you are all thinking “don’t wish miscarriages on people”….first of all Katy Perry isn’t a fucking human, second of all why can’t we wish miscarriages on people, because you are a GOD fearing person who thinks all life is sacred in an era where overpopulation and globalization is creating and spreading mutated viruses to everyone? It’s pretty obnoxious for her to reproduce, not just because we hate her, but because it’s irresponsible, self invovled, self indulgent and bad for the fucking planet.

Fuck Katy Perry for pollution our world with her shitty, useless, pile of shit spawn that may be the size of a baseball and hasn’t offended any of us yet, but will clearly at some point in time offend us.

She should end it fucking now…

But I know, you are sensitive, and you love Katy Perry’s tits….and your wife struggled to get pregnant with your kid, you had IVF and shit, because you are into reverse abortions “USE SCIENCE TO BREED, BUT NOT TO TERMINATE PREGANCIES EVEN IF THEY ARE THE SAME THING FROM THE PERSPECTIVE OF NATURE DIDN’T WANT THAT TO BE THE OUTCOME”….

I don’t know why people get so mad when you wish pregnancy termination on shitty fucking humans….maybe the better wish is that she dies in childbirth and the baby is raised by a third party….

Either way, here she is fat and pregnant and vile and disgusting…she is a little too old, pregnant and disgusting to be dressed and to be behaving like this….


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Katy Perry Nude Ass Compilation

Katy Perry nude ass

Pop star Katy Perry shows off her nude ass crack for Christmas in a behind-the-scenes clip below from her new holiday music video…

Of course this wasn’t the first time that Katy brazenly showcased her bare butt cheeks, so to complete the compilation we included the other two clips of her meaty mud flaps… As well as the photographs below of her depraved derrière on full display after getting off of a ride at a water park.

Katy Perry nude ass

Yes, while Katy’s degenerate fanbase has been focused on seeing her massive milk sacks, it is her dilapidated dumper that keeps making appearances.

Katy Perry sexy butt

No doubt Katy continues to hide her titties while teasing her nude tush, to torment her thirsty admirers… And because she is a committed “backdoor beauty” who loves getting her shithole stretched.

Katy Perry Sexy, Orlando Bloom Nude

Orlando Bloom played modest when he stopped by The Howard Stern Show to promote “Carnival Row” and was asked about his famous naked paddleboard photos while in Italy with Katy Perry three years ago. The actor played coy saying, “It is really not that big. Things are extended on cameras with a big telescopic lens. That was […]

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