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Kaylyn Slevin Rockin’ That Bikini of the Day

Kaylyn Slevin is some actress I’ve never heard of who is in some show I’ve never heard of called Chicken Girls….

She is posing provocatively in a bikini because this is standard marketing practice from young female starlets. Which is pretty funny because a decade ago, they’d get cancelled from Disney for being too racy where as now this is the norm….luckily I am not a father in this era of everyone being a stripper because I’d hate to be raising a stripper kid…

Her bio says she’s an actress, dancer and model…since the age of 9….which goes back to my “what the fuck are parents up to these days, like lay down the law you perverts”….9 years old…that shit is inappropriate anyway you look at it.

She’s been involved in all kinds of great charities like “Students Against Distructive Decisions” – whatever the fuck that is….and she has 625k followers on IG, 350k followers on TikTok, and she posts content like this….looking all 90s playmate…in 2020…for you sick fucks…don’t worry she’s 19….

Oh and she’s an LA Chargers cheerleader, so there’s also that..

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