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Kelly Ripa’s Daughter Bikini Clickbait Looking Like she ate Kelly Ripa of the Day

There’s a viral story going around, basically every media outlet posted it, even local newspapers, which is weird to me because I’m supposed to be the premiere destination for celebrities being sluts, at least I was before instagram made me obsolete and other media outlets realized the celebrity slutty behavior is solid clickbait to get traffic to your site, not because the people care about you, but because the people care about celebs being sluts…

Point being, Lola Consuelos, is the 19 year old daughter of Kelly and her latin heartthrob soap star, which is basically pornstar for older ladies, Mark Consuelos…and she’s decided that it’s time to ride her parents name to help endorse her social media profiles because she wants an audience and some of that Instagram money, making instagram some platform that is for elite to further their bullshit elitism, while losers who often times are more qualified to be the “influencer” follow like these people are some kind of leader….when really they are just rich kids, who think they are better than everyone else, and who are confident enough to post up half naked pics for likes and follows…it’s just a different form of nepotism that luckily involves slutty content because the 19 year olds are slutty…into sex work and being naked on the internet while all their data is being tracked because they like being tracked…it’s just weirdness..

So she’s hit instagram, thinking she can get in on some of the hype the others get, she probably has a TikTok too, but I’m not looking for it….I’m too busy looking at this thick bitch in what must be a photoshopped heave picture that looks like it was shot on a potato in the late 90s…despite it clearly being shot by a HIGH DEF new iphone…all because she’s run so many damn filters on it she doesn’t have a fucking nose anymore…because EVERYTHING on the internet is a lie…except the desperation all these trashy girls, rich and famous parented or not, give off…because desperation that ends in half naked selfies…is the good kind of desperation…especially when it’s rich kids with celeb parents…hilarious how vapid they are when they have all the resources available to them to be actual decent humans instead of clickbait trash.

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