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Kesha Got Her Tits Out of the Day

Kesha Topless Nipple Stickers

Kesha is a pig who looks like a pig, that you may remember as being Katy Perry’s shitty shadow, the bootleg Katy Perry, while Katy Perry is fucking bootleg to begin with, regardless of the success she’s had, success doesn’t make a motherfucker any less bootleg, it just reminds us how fucking insane and easy to manipulate the masses are!

Anyway, Kesha and Katy the two K’s no one wanted at Coachella, before everyone wanted everything from them, before they both got fat doesn’t matter…

What matters is that Kesha cried rape and MeToo to get out of a shitty record deal she signed when she was young and desperate, and girls who cry rape are terrible, but girls who cry rape for personal gain are fucking evil. So Kesha is evil….

Not to mention, posting her tits to IG for attention, is probably the kind of behavior that leads to a girl being in a position to cry rape down the line..not that she’s asking for it, but she probably asks for it, then re-writes history to benefit her.

The good news is that her belly isn’t in the shot…so we can focus on the fat tit.


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