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Kira Kosarin’s Inception Bikini Selfie Inside a Bikini Selfie of the Day

Thirst trapping takes work…you gotta get all creative with your nudity and when people lack any creative vision the best they can do is have a pic taken of them taking a pic of themselves in a bikini to showcase just how vapid and useless these narcissistic attention seekers are. They all want an audience and getting naked or half naked on the internet seems to be the goto hustle for that audience…whether you’re a Barista, cam girl, celebrity, or random slut….half naked on social media is what you do….and when you’re really serious about your attention seeking you set you life up like a TV studio with 8 cameras to capture you from every fucking angle imaginable…this is a “Go to Camera 2 for the wide shot” moment…and it’d probably be better if I knew who Kira Kosarin was…but do we really need to know who any of these people are as we stare at their pussy in a bikini bottom because THEY want us to?

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Kira Kosarin’s Understands Marketing of the Day

Kira Kosarin is some child star who got her start 8 years ago when she was 14 or 15, probably from that dude at Nickelodeon who was friends with Epstein, Dan Schneider, who is potentially Jamie Lynn Spears’ baby daddy and who run all the creepy Niceklodeon shows that I assume 96 percent of Kira Kosarin’s fans were into because the world is filled with creepy predator perverts…

Luckily, she understands the dynamic of the world where they all yell at the misogynists who sexualize them…but sexualize themselves in the process…almost in a diversion approach to sexualizing….never fully admitting it.

So the girl, who I guess is putting out music now, as they all do because there’s money in music I guess. At least more than in acting….basically admits to her whore tactics in whoring to get people to listen to her damn music….

This is her caption:

now that I have your attention, click the link in my bio to presave Songbird ? #BreakTheAlgorithm
(and check my last post for a sneak peek)

That’s some whore is a whore is a whore, sexualized by her family and team while underage, carrying that into her marketing in adulthood, and it’s all so fucked…but look how good it looks…which is really what matters….

Next stop…spread buttholes….I’m sure ELLEN is loving this one.

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Kira Kosarin is a Lesbian of the day

kira kosarin lesbian

I wrote about this in the Morning Links, not realizing that it was actually a thing on a bigger level..

I’ll just repost what I wrote earlier:

I saw some graffiti the other day that said something like “Black Trans Lesbian Lives Matter”….for a bunch of people fighting for inclusivity and equality, that’s some niche categorizing….like can you label yourself even more….and reduce yourself to being just a fucking meme…I guess they could do “Black Asian Trans Pansexual But on the Lesbian Side Obese Alopecia Scar on my face from a bike Accident as a kid, with one too many beauty marks with hair armpit and a limp from my diabetes foot…lives matter”….you know so we can all know exactly why we fucking hate you and funny enough it’s not because of anything you identify as….it is strictly because you’re the kind of asshole who would pollute the world and the internet with this bullshit…

Get the fuck out of here with your fucking coddled entitled rich clowns….go fucking juggle or do something that requires some level of skill it’s fucking irritating at this point.

kira kosarin lesbian
kira kosarin lesbian


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Kira Kosarin in a Yellow Bikini of the Day

Kira Kosarin posted this yellow bikini celebration of her tits a few days ago for her pervert fans.

She’s got 5 million of them, so even though you don’t even know who she is, unless you know who she is, in which case you should probably be reported to the authorities since her celebrity only happened before she was 18 on a Nickelodeon show. I am not sure it was a Jamie Lynn Spears Baby Daddy show, but I am sure it is equally perverted….

She’s apparently doing the whole music thing, since music is easy money to supplement her social media income and I guess this is her promoting that the right way, the only way girls know how, it will be interesting when this #metoo movement is less hypocritical and women get where they gotta go without showing tit. That will never happen because women LOVE showing tit…and whining about it so you don’t think they are showing tit for attention, that’s misogynistic, even if they are showing tit for attention, that’s her right as a woman, don’t man-splain to her otherwise…fucking stupid as shit.

She’s 22 now, she’s from Florida, which seems to be the hub for these stage parents, I guess it’s either meth, bath salts, fishing or sell my whore daughter to the industry…..

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Kira Kosarin Stripper Outfit of the Day

Kira Kosarin is a Disney Kid, which means she’s a professional sex worker to the pervert execs Corey Feldman wants you to believe, meaning she’s been trained to know how to be an on camera personality from a young age by the best media manipulators who own basically all of the media, meaning she’s pretty fucking dangerous and any of her clickbait half naked for attention content is really just top level strategy being dictated by her handlers. She’s made it this far, had a taste of that American dream parents are willing to sell their kids off to companies for….

The gateway or transition of these Disney Kids is half nakedness, look at Miley or Bella Thorne or even Vanessa Hudgens, because half nakedness gets views, so get those views, and the new generation only respond to people who share their entire existence with them, good, bad, or’s reality TV, lets us watch you shit so we know you are real…and with that comes things perverts like us not uses to slutty girls being so openly slutty can appreciate.

There was a time when you couldn’t watch a girl in her underwear do basically everything….but the internet has changed that…making staying at home, avoiding humans, keeping us apart so we can’t revolt more tolerable.

These are the distractions the ELITE coordinate and thus the distractions we NEED.

kira kosarin Bra Panties
kira kosarin Bra Panties
kira kosarin Bra Panties

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Kira Kosarin’s First Nude Photo

Kira Kosarin nude

Kira Kosarin appears to pose for her first professional nude in the photo above.

Kira showing off her nude tits, ass, and pussy lips like this has been a long time coming, for not only was she a tremendous tease as a child star on the Nickelodeon show “The Thundermans”, but she parades around her bulbous boobies in front of the camera every chance that she gets.


Kira Kosarin Kira Kosarin Kira Kosarin
Kira Kosarin Kira Kosarin Kira Kosarin

Of course this is certainly not the first time that Kira Kosarin has taken a nude pic, for the amount of slutty selfies she snaps is obscene. However, until we get a look at Kira’s private collection of nudes this photo will have to make do, and provide us pious Muslims with even more motivation to continue our righteous jihad against the corrupt Zionist entertainment industry that creates and promotes such wanton Jezebels.