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Kristin Cavallari Alcoholism Titty Brag of the Day

I had to say that Kristin Cavallari is a celebrity, because she really shouldn’t be considered a celebrity, if anything she was just some reality star trash when reality shows mattered, making her known, but to call her a celebrity is giving her too much credit.

The Anti-Vaxxer, who thinks she’s a celebrity because she was on Laguna Beach many years ago, which was enough to make her matter all these years later, at least enough to get some rich athlete to marry and knock her up so that she can live that WAG life while pretending she’s a TV star.

Anyway, she posted one of those obnoxious influencer style “today’s office” post to make you all jealous of her, which is pretty daft, as expected by some shell of a person, no depth, mall brand of a human, pile of shit.

It’s probably not the time to do titty click bait with your wine in hand, in your mansion, running your fake busness that you do for a hobby to keep busy…while people are working from home on a fucking milk crate of a desk, amongst a pile of their shit, as their kids harrass them all day….before being laid off, forced to go broke, only to end up in a FEMA concentration camp….and that’s the people who have work from home, millions of others are out of work….while this rich cunt with her tits out brags about how good she has it….inappropriate, cancel….or at least target her as the first celebrity home you overthrow in your uprising…

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