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Kristen Wiig Nasty in a Photoshoot of the Day

This is a keep your damn pants on situation….of why the fuck do we need to take this empowering so seriously that we give every motherfucker the damn chance to get naked or half naked in a photoshoot…even ugly SNL cast members…..not that I watch SNL and haven’t since the 90s, I hate that shitty fucking comedy…

Can’t some people just accept that they are old and disgusting looking despite all the positive feedback and money they get paid in the industry because someone confused them as talented.

This is some Celine Dion looking, skeletor looking, weirdness that doesn’t need to be out here pantsless…unless that’s just part of her comedy act, on some Andy Kauffman trolling level of “look at me doing some bullshit attempt at modelling”…

All these people suck, but at least when they are hot, we can find some value in them….but there are Kristen WIIG fans out there, they think she’s funny, not awkward and annoying, and hopefully they aren’t into her for sexually reasons, because jerking off to this shoot is as weird in concept as it is in practice…..what, you don’t expect me to test out the material before posting it. You crazy.

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