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Kristin Cavallari Hard Nipples of the Day

kristin cavallari hard nipples

Kristin Cavallari filtered the fuck out of her face for some bullshit video that she hopes you focus on her hard nipples instead of her filtered fucking face….since everything on the internet is a fucking lie and these aging or rotting, depending on your stance when it comes to females aging….trying to fool us with their BOTOX, with their photoshop and divert our attention from their weathered old rich lady faces….will not fool me…however I will still stare at the divorcee’s nipples since why the fuck now….

You see, I didn’t give a fuck about her during the Laguna Beach days, I didn’t give a fuck about her when she decided to do the whole acting thing instead of doing “The Hills” only to have no success, so she found some loser jock with some money and made him cum in her until she got pregnant…strategic family planning.

Now she’s getting a divorce, still trying to be hot, but erasing her face in the process at least on the internet since we don’t need movie magic to make us better people now, they come default on all social media apps to perpetuate more lies on the LIE machine that is the internet.

kristin cavallari hard nippleskristin cavallari hard nipples


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Kristin Cavallari Got Them Tits on of the Day

Kristin Cavallari Tits

Kristin Cavallari is on the prowl, I mean this is typical divorcee behavior where any girl who gets divorced after being with the same dude for as long as they were together, hits the scene running…

The story is that he didn’t want to be with her in the first place, they were on a break and she trapped him with a pregnancy that happened whilst on the break, only to force him to man up and marry her and be an honest dude, even though he was already done with her bottom feeding money grubbing, not even a castmember on The Hills because she thought she could be a legit actress after LAGUNA beach ass….only to crawl back on The Hills in their last season to remind everyone she existed because she wasn’t able to pull off anything after Laguna Beach like she intended to since there was hype around her, hype that got to her head….a TALE AS OLD AS TIME (the trapping a dude with pregnancy, forcing him to play house part – not the REALITY TV STAR THINKING SHE MATTERS part(…

So now she’s divorced or divorcing the poor sucker who was trapped into some bootleg life with some bootleg opportunist…and in being divorced she’s got to prove she’s got sex appeal, prove she’s got worth, prove that dudes still want to fuck her, all while giving herself more hype and media attention so she can help build her brand of clothing no one asked for….but that is her personal brand.

She’s a garbage money grubbing athlete trapper, but these tits are big, cleavage is big, doing that “revenge” hotness thing right….all horny for new dick to piss off the old dick or whatever…I don’t know why I even know any of this about Kirstin Cavallari, it’s more a testament to how pathetic my own life is than how hot her tits look.

Kristin Cavallari Tits
Kristin Cavallari Tits
Kristin Cavallari Tits
Kristin Cavallari Tits


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Kristin Cavallari Wet Tits of the Day

Kristin Cavallari

Kristin Cavallari the anti-vaxxer, may or may not be a believer in the Coronavirus, while playing around in her bikini in her pool. The nice thing about being a reality star when that mattered is that she got to lock in some loser athlete who knew of her from her reality show. Get knocked up and never need to work again.

When it comes to her opinions on vaccines or viruses or basically anything, I fucking care. Get the fuck out of here.

We already know that influencers are the worst kind of narcissists who assume everyone wants to hear what they want to say about everything and anything, which is the funny because these influencers, who are not educated, who just lazily read clickbait articles and repeat hearsay, are actually really irresponsible to their fans and followers, who likely deserve to be misled for being morons.

The “influencers” which is what Cavallari has become, the reality TV shit was just a good launch pad, are too busy scrolling instagram to be actual experts on basically anything, or have valid opinions on anything, no matter how many views they get on their content by idiots.

They are probably the WORST people to model your life after, but I’ll still look at their mom bodies in bikinis, in their mansions, that they don’t leave anyway, because they have all they need.

I’d love for this bitch to be cancelled for basically giving the finger to everyone in their 500 square foot apartments surrounded by filth and disease even before the COVID thing happened. but instead she’ll be giving us tutorials on how to lay by the pool and stay 6 feet away from her gardeners. CUNT.

Kristin Cavallari


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Anti-Vaxxer Kristin Cavallari Ass in a Swimsuit of the Day

Kristin Cavallari Bikini

That useless “LAGUNA BEACH” MTV cunt who married an athlete to continue her bratty rich kid life is mocking the CORONAVIRUS.

The known anti-vaxxer, becasue vaccines cause Autism or some shit, is here with her ass out on the beach, because why not produce some content around her ass she’s probably got injected with stemcells from her previous abortions to make her 35 year old mom ass seem more appealing as she dives into being an influencer with her bullshit instagram brand.

Fuck these people like you were a rich guy athlete she was trying to bait into financing her cunt life, where dude’s all dumb jock about it and like “you know that babe from Laguna Beach circa 2003, yeah man I have kids with her”….

I am not from America that loves its popculture more than life itself, that buy into all this shit. In Canada, we get all your bullshit content but watch it as observers knowing it is bullshit, while American’s believe the hype….and down their McDonalds and other nonsense, allowing garbage like Kristin Cavallari to not be working as a cocktail waitress out of work, but instead living in beach front homes.

It’s all your fault….oh and so is the Coronavirus…with your greedy, money hunger, profit jacking tactics of “make it in China”…



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