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Kylie Jenner Shows Her Bare Butt for the Camera

Kylie Jenner naked picture from Playboy – Instagram, 09/10/2019. Also featuring: Travis Scott. We hear you guys think this whole Playboy photoshoot was underwhelming? Agreed.

Kylie Jenner Never Thought She’d Pose for Playboy

Sexy Kylie Jenner pictures – Playboy (Fall 2019 Issue). Photography by Sasha Samsonova. Obviously, this brunette here is one of the most polarizing celebs out there. Some hate her, some love her.

Kylie Jenner and her Friend in Sheer Dresses for Attention of the Day

I figure I’ll post these pics of Kylie Jenner and her fat ass whore friend in sheer dresses together for attention, because you love the young and the rich muppet looking bitches who have normalized plastic surgery for young girls who look like trolls, to feel empowered, to look like sex dolls, and not in a good way, but in a better than their natural state way, confusing all us motherfuckers into thinking these doughy faced, stappled on flesh, is hot, confusing young girls who are naturally hot but who don’t look like this, to make themselves look like this, to be on trend or on brand, it’s important in this superficial era of instagram….

So hot chicks turn themselves ugly, ugly chicks turn themselves into porn looking chicks, and it’s all so fucking artificial….the best is the fat girls, like Kylie, who get their fat asses shaped or their fat stomachs sucked the fuck out…

Thanks Kylie for your contribution to an already fucked society. Oh and thanks for making girls think being a billionaire is the only way, so doing sex work and paid subscriptions are the key to getting those designer trash…

I also figure that some of you fuck pigs, literally fuck pigs in your backyard…and all you see is a human version of that…so this one’s for you….vile and disgusting Jenner and her friend photoshopped in dumb outfits…

We can safely hope this trip ends in Corona Virus death for that entire family. They have lived enough. It is time.

In the meantime here’s rich kids, who were basically given a handout to become even rich kids, look like street level whores who eat too much fried chicken.

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Kylie Jenner Nude Sex Tape Shocker

Kylie Jenner appears to have finally released her first official nude sex tape in the video above.

Kylie Jenner Brazzers

Of course Kylie filming a sex tape comes as no surprise, for it was always inevitable as part of the “Kardashian Klan’s Kode” (also known as the KKK) to success.

Kylie Jenner birthday

However, what is so shocking about this sex tape is that Kylie appears to be getting her well-used sin hole slammed by a white man. The reason for this is no doubt Kylie’s trans-daddy Brucelyn Jenner celebrating his 70th birthday. For Kylie wanted to do something special for him, but couldn’t think of anything to get a man who already has his own pair of tits and vagina.

Kylie Jenner sexy selfie

So finally Kylie settled on fullfiling Brucelyn’s lifelong dream of having a daughter who has had sex with a white man… Which worked out great… For this was the first time that Kylie was able to record a sex tape without the guy running off with the camera to pawn it for rims and malt liquor.

Kylie Jenner Nude Playboy Photo Shoot Preview

Kylie Jenner nude Playboy

A preview of Kylie Jenner’s upcoming nude photo shoot for Playboy magazine has just been leaked online in the pics above and below.

Kylie Jenner nude Playboy

Reportedly this nude shoot was “directed” by Kylie’s baby daddy the nig nog rapper Travis Scott, so there should be many gratuitous shots of Kylie’s grotesquely over-sized glutes and bank account statements.

Of course we have seen Kylie’s titties once before in a previous shoot that she did for some obscure fashion magazine (in the photo below), so if Playboy does not deliver with a least a couple of shots of her banged out baby box and AIDS riddled anus hole it will certainly be a giant disappoint to Kylie’s legions of hopelessly depraved dirt skin fans.

Kylie Jenner nude

For our part us pious Muslims will be praying that Travis’ savage Sub-Saharan brain could not figure out how to work the camera, and that he gave up and pawned it for some malt liquor and menthol cigarettes before taking any pics of Kylie’s blasphemously misshapen bare body.