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Larsen Thompson’s Photoshoot of the Day

So Larsen Thompson is a model, actress and dancer. This is the internet era of social media….so safe to say every girl who has a social media account refers to herself as those things. Not all have the 700k followers this girl eagerly seeks like some kind of loser trying to buy friends, only it is socially acceptable, when it comes to buying followers, whether through her content or other tactics, she’s working to be seen.

She’s a ginger, and I guess we can’t kill them all off, we have to allow at least one to be a model to balance out the media to reflect society as Gingers do exist. It is the era of diversity and inclusivity.

She’s apparently only 19 years old, so she’s fresh, for some reason I thought she was in her late 40s.

According to her wikipedia, she had a viral video at 15 dancing to some song….for perverts who jerked off to her dance videos on Youtube because that’s how young girls get the views they need to go mainstream.

This is the video…and it’s beyond embarrassing….white girls dancing like this….seems like cultural appropriation while being real fucking embarrassing….when did dancing like this become a thing people do without laughing the entire time. Like they believe in this dance, like that it’s cool or skilled as they convulse…

So her main skill is dancing like an idiot on youtube, only to go viral in a terrible pre tiktok dance video and has danced in a bunch of videos since….the model thing is just “everyone’s a model so whatever let that youtube dancer model….we’ve made worse choices”….if only she was hotter.

Big tits with some GHOST nips though…

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