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Naked Lena Dunham Getting Porked by Her BF

Nude Lena Dunham scene from a random episode of Girls. Yeah… at least the scene focuses more on the guy’s body and not hers. Here’s hoping is the last we see of her. Do not enjoy these pictures.

Lena Dunham Fake Illness Attention Seeking of the Day

Lena Dunham Fake Illness

I would say that Lena Dunham was molested as a kid, you know to justify her molesting of her sister, a story from a few years ago…that was probably just her trying to be scandalous and interesting because the attention seeker likes being noticed and talked about.

Also, if she was molested as a kid, you know we’d have to hear about it all the fucking time, because for some reason whining fat rich kid pig was confused for some compelling voice of a generation. HBO even gave her a fucking show and allowed her to get naked on that show…like she was some sort of hipster AUTEUR…something HBO should be punished for. They gave her that stamp of approval she needed, but that we didn’t need and until she dies we will have to be reminded she exists…

So along with being disgusting and naked on TV a few years ago, she’s also offended everyone on social media with her bullshit sheltered delusional rich kid who was patted on the back and thus who felt she was worthy of having an opinion…and now she’s on the health and wellness kick.

Unlike actual health and wellness influencers, her health and wellness is more entitled whining about how sick she is.

She had period cramps so she got her uterus removed and is now trans, she claims to have some rare genetic disorder in her connective tissues, all while being fat as fuck…so her health and wellness is more whining about how unhealthy she is…and her clickbait is normally her in various states of naked to empower other fat idiots, while disgusting those of us terrified of fat idiots…

Well, her hypochondria has reached new heights as she walks around with an IV that isn’t on Wheels and a mask, weighing in at 300 lbs, which may be something she puts some actual effort into fixing if she wants to get healthy…but instead she lays there all fat and nasty claiming to be sick, compromised…it makes a good excuse.

She isn’t the first person manifesting illness to justify being a lazy pig, she’s just the most offensive.

Lena Dunham

Lena Dunham Fake Illness
Lena Dunham Fake Illness
Lena Dunham Fake Illness


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