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Lili Reinhart Pretending to Workout of the Day

lili reinhart Fitness

Lili Reinhart is Betty on Riverdale, which is the worst fucking show on TV…

It is hugely popular, while being so badly written, in a they had a good idea the first season, make an edgy version of Archie comics, where a bunch of shitty teens try to solve a crime, but I guess they didn’t anticipate future seasons as it gets worse and worse each week.. but people obviously like it, despite it being so badly written, because the younger generation is dumb and because the show is so shit, you can can still play on your iphones taking selfies as the young do….with it on in the background..and not miss anything critically important to the story because there is nothing critical to the story….

I’ve seen far too many episodes than I’d like to admit..not because I am ashamed, but because I hate being reminded that I watched this shit….

All this to say, this on is Betty and she is a big girl, with big titties and she’s making a point of letting you all know she hates working out, like we couldn’t tell Betty…you fucking pile of sloppy girl who should just show us them fat girl tits!


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Lili Reinhart Bra of the Day

lili reinhart bra

Lili Reinhart is Becky on Riverdale, which is currently in its fourth season (unfortunately), and is signed up for a fifth season (unfortunately), because it is a terrible fucking show.

It started out strong in the first season, a murder in a small town, loosely based off of the Archie comics in that the characters were from the comic, just nothing like the comic, but when it got renewed, they went the weirdest fucking direction with it.

It is a show that is SO fucking bad that even Luke Perry died to avoid going back to it. Skeet Ulrich has also tapped out to do other shit…and it seems like the entire writing staff quit in Season two, but Becky is still there…and this is her in her bra showing off her big tits, that you can’t clearly make out, but that also come with a big gut,…as big tits tend to do.

The real life girlfriend of the recently killed off Cole Sprouse (Jughead on the show), who once posted up some wet t-shirt pics of her a while ago and that her legal team made me remove from the site…because despite having tits, she doesn’t like showing off them tits for free, but in the show she doesn’t mind some supportive underwire tit. I guess is there attempt to edgy, now that all the kids have turned to Euphoria for their teen dramas…

lili reinhart bra
lili reinhart bra


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