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Lily Allen Bikini of the Day

Lily Allen Bikini

Unfortunately Lily Allen didn’t die in Childbirth and has managed to continue living…because even when she at her hottest in her career with her lame songs that we only knew of because she had rich paretns who basically paid for her celebrity….she wasn’t hot.

So now that she’s bred and I guess found a way to manage her over-eating disorder, because she was fat….she’s figured out that bikini pics get good conversion and when you’re the kind of narcissist rich kid who thinks you deserve to be a popstar and force your parents to buy you a record deal…shoving her singing down our throats….you’re the kind of narcissist who likes getting that dopamine release, or mini orgasm from likes and follows on social media….and bikini pics is the easiest way to do that, I mean besides posting up pics of her post pregnancy mom asshole that we can assume is riddled with sentinel piles…which makes sense or seems fitting since she looks like a sentinel pile…RIGHT?!

Lily Allen Bikini
Lily Allen Bikini
Lily Allen Bikini
Lily Allen Bikini


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Lily Allen’s Shitty Nude Selfie of the Day

No one wanted to see Lily Allen naked at the height of her one-hit-wonder career that lasted a few years and that I am sure made her a shit ton of money. She was very relevant before being TOTALLY forgotten.

I remember she flashed her tits back in her peak and thinking they were bad, but that could be Nicole Richie’s tits I am thinking of, for some reason I confuse those pics.. they were bad…but I guess not Nicole Richie Bad..

These are the pics I am referencing….

Anyway, since her one hit wonder rich kid who scammed the industry with a viral hit before viral hits were the only hits, has gone onto have a dwarf looking / midget looking/ retard headed baby….maybe all the drugs she did.

I used to get hate mail for shit I wrote about her abortions while mocking her miscarriage, because I guess people don’t like miscarriage / abortion jokes…and that’s really all I got about Lily Allen and her nudes 10 years after we didn’t want them in the first place.

Boring fucking nude for an attention seeking scam.

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