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Lily Collins Nude of the Day

I wonder if Lily Collins is the kind of celebrity rich kid trying to have a career of her own, all skinny and not as offensive as all the other celebrity rich kids, is into her dad being Phil Collins…like when she sucks a dick, and the dude getting his dick sucked says “Can you feel it, coming in her hair tonight” before comin her hair….does she laugh, or does it trigger her deep rooted daddy issues and hatred for all men because the man who’s name she carries on as his legacy was too busy touring and doing cocaine to pay attention to her bullshit, hence the deep rooted need to become a celebrity in her own right…maybe he’ll notice me….

Or does she not suck dick because girls who think they are hotter than they are don’t suck the dick unless they have to….and they rarely have to….you know a Lay there with a “can you believe you’re fucking Phil Collins Daughter…..Sussudio….SU SU Sussudio”…..

Who cares, she’s naked in some boring ass shit….If a whore gonna whore, I expect more butthole….


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