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Lindsay Pelas Huge Tits of the Day

Lindsay Pelas Tits

Lindsay Pelas is some Louisiana born set of monster tits that went viral on the internet thanks to early social media knowing what’s up.

I don’t know if her titty empowerment would go as far as it did if she was to launch her tits into the world as anything beyond just being massive tits.

It was a simpler time in 2014 when magazines and websites didn’t fear celebrating the big tits, they didn’t care if they were called misogynistic, or discriminatory, or that they reduced women down to their tits…they grew up on sex sells, on tits get hits, and posting pics of a bitch who is clearly only being posted cuz of her tits, and addressing that when posting the pics, instead of trying to polarize it into some other bullshit empowering narative….helped this one survive.

Oh those were good times, when Bros weren’t foodies in skimpy shorts talking craft cocktails and fashion choices….like the queers they always were…

All this to say, she’s still got the tits.

Lindsay Pelas Tits
Lindsay Pelas Tits
Lindsay Pelas Tits


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